Tournament Rules


Approved: September 8, 2020

  1. SAFETY:
  1. All state, Coast Guard, federal, and Parks and Wildlife regulations shall apply at all times.
  • Maximum Horsepower will not exceed B.I.A. recommended limit.
  • No stick steering, minimum boat length is 15 feet, and minimum horsepower is 50. All boats must meet B.I.A. and U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Each boat must have a functional bilge pump and properly aerated live-well.
  • Properly operating engine kill switches are mandatory. Kill-switch must be attached to driver’s flotation device. All contestants must wear a Coast Guard approved flotation device any time their boat is on plane. Co-anglers must provide their own personal flotation device.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by any contestant from midnight before a tournament through the conclusion of that day’s weigh-in activities. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in or on a boat during tournament hours. The possession or use of illegal drugs at any chapter function is prohibited.
  • Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Maximum safety and courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and fishing in the vicinity of non-contestants who may be on tournament waters. Any act of a contestant, which reflects unfavorably upon the Leavenworth Bass Club’s effort to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters, and courtesy, may be reason for disqualification.
  1. Fishing will be done with rod and reel using artificial bait only (pork rinds are acceptable). Only one rod may be used at a time (you must complete retrieve before using another rod). Once hooked, a fish must be played and landed by that competitor. Partners may only assist by use of a landing net or by “lipping”. NO TROLLING.
  2. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass (Black Bass), and Mean Mouth Bass will be counted.
  • You cannot do anything that will harm or interfere with other competitors. You cannot fish within 50 yards of another competitor who is anchored or tied, with trolling motor up, without their permission. If a fisherman is so anchored or tied and gives permission for another angler to fish within 50 yards, he must extend that same permission to any other angler. The Tournament Director has the flexibility to be more or less restrictive, and will clarify the “off-limits” areas at the meeting prior to that tournament, or as conditions change.
  • There will be nine (9) or more tournaments per year, some buddy and some draw. The full buddy weekends may be counted as two (2) separate buddy tournaments (one-Saturday and one-Sunday). In draw tournaments, it is the boater’s responsibility to coordinate and insure link-up with the co-angler.
  • The Tournament Committee may, at its discretion schedule additional tournaments.
  • You cannot fish more than six (6) Buddy Tournaments per tournament year with the same partner.
  • You may enter a buddy tournament late with no penalty. However, for draw tournaments your name must be in the hat for the drawing at the meeting prior to the tournament or a late charge of $10.00 will be added to the entry fee. The late charge will not be required if the Tournament Director “recruits” the angler to fill the tournament field. If you cannot attend the meeting, you must notify a Tournament Committee member or Club Official to enter your name in the draw. If there are not enough no co-anglers to complete the field, the first two boaters drawn without co-anglers can decide to fish together and subsequently the 3rd and 4th boaters and so on. If a change in partners is required the Tournament Director will pair the fishermen as best he can. If a fisherman is a co-angler, every effort will be made to find him a boater partner. If a “boater” enters late, he will first be paired with a co-angler that does not have a partner; he will then be considered a “co-angler” and paired with the first boater without a partner. If all boaters and co-anglers have partners then the late entrant may fish by themselves.
  • Tournament entry fee is $15.00 per person per tournament. (Exception: see rule II, 7 for late draw entries). Payment should be made to a Tournament Committee Member at the monthly meeting. Payments made after the meeting must be made to a Tournament Committee Member or Club Treasurer. Failure to pay before the tournament begins will result in an assessment of a $10.00 late fee per tournament (could be 2 tournaments in one week end) and not being able to fish another monthly tournament until the fees have been paid.
  • A boater may not fish by himself if a co-angler wishes to fish. (A co-angler must notify the Tournament Director if he wishes to fish and the Tournament Director will make a reasonable effort to pair the co-angler.)
  1. Non-members may not participate in any scheduled club tournaments.
  1. Trailering at all tournaments will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. If trailering is allowed, you may start from any ramp at the scheduled start time, but you must be back to the weigh-in site by weigh-in time. When trailering is allowed, the starting position at each ramp will be the lowest number on the scorecard first.
  1. Once the annual tournament schedule is finalized, changes can be made by the Tournament Committee for safety, other uncontrollable reasons, and/or opportunities for better fishing results.
  1. No off-limit days. Participation in any Club tournament must be on the scheduled day of that tournament. (See Section VIII for exception).
  1. Any member who fails to show up for a tournament that they entered, without notifying their partner, Club President or Tournament Committee Member 48 hours prior to the beginning of that tournament, will automatically miss the next tournament and lose all entry fees. The Tournament Committee will make exceptions for “valid emergencies”.
  1. Boaters and co-anglers share expenses 50-50 for days / times that they are together. It is imperative that boaters and the co-anglers discuss before tournaments the following topics:
  1. How expenses will be shared, what expenses are included and expectations regarding equipment damage resulting from accidents or inexperience of either member.
    1. Routine expenses generally include: vehicle gas and boat gas and ramp fees.
    1. Additional expenses may include: boat engine oil, and fuel additives, livewell additives, ice, highway tolls, on the water drinks and snacks.
    1. Routine maintenance items and fair wear and tear such as tow vehicle and trailer lights, batteries, and unexpected boat repairs are the owner’s responsibility.
    1. If the partners are unable to agree on shared expenses, lost or damaged equipment, the dispute will be presented to the Board of Directors for mediation. All mediation decisions by the Board of Directors are final.
    1. Any Dispute brought to the Board of Directors must be resolved and finalized prior to the parties participating in a future club tournament.
  1. There will be two separate optional big bass pots, one for the boaters and one for co-anglers ($10.00 per day) with a 60% / 40% payback for the two heaviest legal bass per pot each day; weigh-in penalties (see Section V) will apply. NOTE: Co-anglers cannot participate in the boaters’ pot and vice versa (Exception: If there are three (3) or less members in the boater or co-angler pot, they can decide as a group to enter the other pot. If there are less than five (5) members in either pot only one place will be paid).
  1. Protests for violation of tournament rules must be filed in writing and submitted to a Tournament Committee Member within 30 minutes after the end of that tournament day (after the weigh-in is complete). The Tournament Committee will provide recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  1. All boaters must furnish a Certificate of Insurance to the Tournament Director before that boat maybe used in a Club tournament. The current insurance policy must have a minimum of $300,000.00 per accident and $5,000.00 per individual.
  1. The current year Tournament Committee will set the dates and lakes for the full calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). The following year’s Tournament Committee will select the format for tournaments after the current year Classic.
  1. Launch order for all tournaments except the “Classic” will be determined by a draw conducted at the meeting prior to the tournament. For one day tournaments conducted over consecutive days, the draw will be reversed on the second day i.e. number one boat for day one becomes the last boat for day two.
  • The last boat will call the take-off. The Tournament Director will provide a list in order of take-off.
  • All tournaments will be “catch and release.” (Injured or dead fish may be kept.) The Tournament Committee has the option to declare any tournament(s) as a paper tournament(s).
  • Score cards must be turned in at the weigh-in. New scorecards may be issued for the following day of the tournament. At the time of the contestant’s weigh-in, a Tournament Committee member will record the number of fish and total weight of fish or total fish points on the Official Score Card.
  • If an angler does not attend weigh-in, he will be disqualified for that day.  (See exception in III.6.) He must still notify a member of the Tournament Committee that he is safely off the water. If an angler fails to do so by the end of weigh-in, he will not be allowed to fish the next club tournament.
  • If an angler wishes to leave a tournament early for any reason, he may mark or segregate his fish and have those fish and his scorecard transported to the weigh in by another tournament participant who is willing to do so. He will receive full credit for his weight or fish points subject to the weigh-in rules below.
  1. Measure all bass 12” or longer when caught, and add up your largest fish (maximum five) at the end of the day. All fish are to be measured on a “Golden Rule” board. Measure with mouth fully closed and tail pinched or fanned.
  • Points will be counted by half inches beginning with 12 inches. Score two points for a 12-inch fish, 2-1/2 points for a 12-1/2 inch fish. Fish must reach the inch or half-inch line to count for that score (No rounding up). Examples:

13”         3 points

13-1/2”      3.5 points

13-3/4”      3.5 points

  • If you are late to the weigh-in, there will be a penalty of four points per minute off the total fish points of the best five fish. After 15 minutes, you lose all fish points for that day. To be considered on time participants must be within the no wake buoys of the weigh in ramp or in the weigh in ramp parking lot.
  1. Weigh-In limit is five fish per person per day. (See Section VIII, P5 for exception).
  • You must bring your fish to the weigh-in in a bag provided by the Tournament Committee. You may not use your own bag. The bag must have sufficient water to keep the fish alive. Bags must be returned to the Tournament Committee immediately following weigh-in. Once an angler has submitted fish for weigh-in, he is no longer eligible to receive fish points.
  • Measurement of fish shall be with the mouth closed and tail pinched or fanned. The official measuring board will be the “Golden Rule.” If the contestant desires one fish to be weighed for big bass, he must identify that fish to the tournament weigh-in official. If a fish is designated as short, the fish must be re-measured by the Tournament Director or his designated representative, to verify the length. The Tournament Committee will provide a duplicate measuring board for use by the tournament participants, but will not do courtesy measurements except for their partner of the day.
  • All mangled, mauled or discolored fish will be counted at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • Each dead fish weighed will result in a ½-pound deduction from that dead fish.
  • Each short fish brought to the scales will result in a one (1)-pound deduction from the contestant’s total weight for that tournament. Each short fish is disqualified and will not count toward weight or points. If that contestant has no legal fish there will be a five (5) point penalty from tournament points.
  • If you are late to the weigh-in, there is a penalty of one (1) pound per minute. This will be assessed against your largest bass first. After 15 minutes you lose all weight for that day.
  1. Either total weight or total fish points will determine the tournament standings. First place will be heaviest stringer, with subsequent places awarded to next heaviest stringer, down to the last person who weighs in a legal fish. After that, total fish points will determine tournament standing. If, as the results of being late and/or dead fish penalties, the angler has negative weight, he may receive points for participation.
  • In paper tournaments the total fish points for the largest five fish will determine the standings. Anglers may weigh one legal fish for the big bass pot.
  • Tournament points: You get tournament points based on your tournament standing as follows:

1st Place . . . . . 50 points

2nd Place . . . . . 49 points

3rd Place . . . . . 48 points

and so on through

40th Place . . . . 11 points

Less than 40th. . 10 points

  • In case of a tie in the tournament standings tie breakers will be determined by, big bass, then number of bass, and then a coin toss.
  • In case of a tie for big bass, the angler with the heaviest total weight or most card fish points in paper tournaments will determine the winner. If still tied, the winner will be determined by a coin toss.
  • If you don’t have any weight or fish points during a tournament, you will be awarded 10 tournament points for participation.
  1. Each angler will count 50% of the total tournaments to determine year-end standings (year-end standings will be based on best 5 of 9, best 5 of 10, best 6 of 11, 6 of 12, 7 of 13, etc.).
  • Tie-breakers for Angler of the Year or for necessary team member standings and awards are:

Best 6 tournaments, when 5 tournaments are counted

Best 7 tournaments, when 6 tournaments are counted

Best 8 tournaments, when 7 tournaments are counted

Best 9 tournaments, when 8 tournaments are counted

Best 10 tournaments, when 9 tournaments are counted

Best 11 tournaments, when 10 tournaments are counted

Best 12 tournaments, when 11 tournaments are counted

Best 13 tournaments, when 12 tournaments are counted


Coin toss

  1. There will be a “Classic” tournament following the last tournament. The Tournament Director will be responsible for scheduling the “Classic.” The “Classic” lake will be “off-limits” from 12:01 AM Monday until 12:01 AM Friday preceding the “Classic” tournament. “Classic” participants may not be on the lake for any reason during this “off-limits” period.
  • Members will automatically qualify for the “Classic” fishing at least half of the tournaments (fishing at least 4 of 9, 5 of 10, 5 of 11, 6 of 12, 6 of 13, 7 of 14, etc.) If a non-qualifying member desires to fish or is recruited by the Tournament Director they must pay a sum equal to the number of entry fees it would take to qualify (if it takes five (5) tournaments to qualify and the individual only fished two (2) they would then owe three (3) tournament entry fees to a Tournament Committee Member prior to the “Classic”. The “Classic” buy in fees will not be refundable.
  • The “Classic” will be conducted as a team event. A drawing will be held at the club meeting prior to the tournament. Launch order will be determined by the standing of the highest partner. This means if the top angler is a boater and his partner is rated at 16 in the standings they will be boat number one. If there is a co-angler rated number two and he has drawn boater number 20, they will be boat number two in the launch order. If boaters are drawn as partners, the angler with the highest year end standing will be considered as the boater for the tournament. If both boaters agree, they can fish by themselves for ½ of the pot money based on where they finish. A boater drawn with a co-angler must fish with the co-angler and does not have the option of fishing by themselves. The club will fund based on counting two (2) anglers per boat (e.g., if two (2) boaters agree to fish by themselves the club will only fund for one boat).
  • There will be no entry fee for the Classic. The club treasury will fund the “Classic” payout pot with a target of $150.00 per team based on a vote by members present at the September meeting. Each “Classic” team will receive a portion of the payout pot based on their finish in the tournament using a pre-approved payout matrix. If two teams or more are tied, the money for those teams will be combined and split evenly. See Section VIII Table for payout schedule. Payout will be to the nearest whole dollar.
  • Scoring for the “Classic” will be IAW existing club rules with the following exception: The limit for the “Classic” tournament will be six (6) fish per boat per day.
  • See below for the Classic payout table in percent (%) of total dollars.

Classic payout table in percent (%) of total dollars:

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