Sept 2016 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


September 6th, 2016



2016 Officers

President: Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Vice-President Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254
Treasurer: Ken Hackworth (913) 240-4884
Secretary: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Webmaster: Brent Goss (913) 775-2063
Youth Director: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Members at Large: Bill Frederick (913) 547-2458
Members at Large: Ray Cates (816) 588-8351
Tournament  Director Randy Kenton (913) 927-6777 
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816) 588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913) 683-3195
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913) 683-1708
Tournament Committee Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254


The next meeting will be Monday, October 3rd at the Ft. Leavenworth Rod and Gun Clubhouse. A reminder that we will elect officers for 2017 at the October meeting. We will also determine the sportsman of the year and discuss what we would like from BPS if they donate the top ten angler awards again.  We will vote on any changes or new tournament rules at the November meeting.


To be eligible for an office, a member must:


  • Have paid dues prior to the first tournament of that year.
  • Have shown an active interest in all chapter functions.
  • No member on probation shall be allowed to serve as an officer or on a committee.


The website is located at the following address:  If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact Brent the webmaster.





The General membership Meeting Minutes follow:


Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on September 6th at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 14 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Secretary Report:

  • The August newsletter was emailed to all members. The secretary report was approved as presented.
  • The secretary provided BASS #s to those members who plan on fishing the MOBASS state team tournament.


Treasurer Report: 

  • LBC checking account beginning balance is $6,247,22 and the ending balance is $6,689.22. The Fishing For Freedom beginning balance is $30,327.70 and the ending balance is $42,199.94.  Pay Pal is $485.20.
  • The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.


Conservation Committee Report: 

  • A reminder that we need to find a head for the conservation effort.  This would be a great opportunity for any member who has not yet held a committee assignment.
  • Dan plans to be at the next meeting so bring your abused plastics and crappy used line to be recycled.


Youth Director Report: Received a letter from a family that attended the County Commissioners KFD last month, thanking Frank Carroll for helping them. I’ll bring the letter to the next meeting.


Banquet Committee Report:  Mike Brooks announced that the banquet will be held at the Leavenworth Eagles Club on January 21st, 2016.


Webmaster Report:

  • Brent has  posted new pictures.
  • Brent will get with Ray H to determine how much we really will owe to use GoDaddy as our web server and report back to us at the next meeting.


Vice President Report:

  • Larry asked for volunteers to support the Rod and Gun KFD on September 10th.
  • No seminar tonight. If you have any topics for next year, please see Larry.
  • Larry asked for a vote to approve paying the $55.00 state tournament fee. The motion was approved.


President Report:

  • The next MOBASS meeting is on September 18th. Bill Gevedon and Steve Clark volunteered to attend.
  • As of now, expect to vote for a new president, tournament director and conservation lead at the October meeting.


Fishing for Freedom:  Larry reports that we are still short boats for Fishing For Freedom in October, plus needing volunteers who can launch and recover boats, or just to work where needed.


Old Business:         None

New Business:       Bill Gevedon requested to spend $50.00 to buy Live Target baits at the next MOBASS meeting. It was approved by the members present.

New Members:  None


New Equipment Report: No report.


Outside Activities: No report.


MOBASS News: Already discussed


Tournament Director’s Report:  The results for the Mozingo tournament, August 22nd  2016 follows:


Mozingo, Saturday, August 22nd  
1st Larry Stoafer 5 13.78 Brush hogs, shallow cover
2nd Danny Lee 4 12.25 Black/blue senko on trees
3rd Stephen Smith 4 10.63 Jigs, wood & grass, shallow
4th Dennis Edwards 3   9.03 ?
5th Randy Kenton 4   8.44 ?


1st Steve Clark 5.99  
2nd Danny Lee 4.97  
1st Hayes Edwards 3.75  
2nd Rodney Bledsoe 3,29  










Classic @ Mozingo, Saturday & Sunday, September 24th & 25th, 2016

Take off , both days from Main Ramp @ 6:35 AM or safe light.

Saturday weigh in @ 3:00 PM, Sunday weigh in @ 2:30 PM

6 fish per team

1 Steve Read Dennis Edwards
2 Rich Pearl Bill Gevedon
3 Garrett Cates Ray Cates
4 Bob Jorgensen Bill Horvath
5 Mark Luna Hayes Edwards
6 Stephen Smith Mark Stadel
7 Randy Kenton Eric Verberg
8 Bob Greene Brent Goss
9 Steve Clark Mark Justice
10 Mike Brooks Lou Engler
11 Ken Hackworth Rodney Bledsoe


The free tournament entry was won by Steve Read.


There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:49 PM


SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Steve Read

Secretary                                                       President

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