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Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


November 7th, 2016



2017 Officers (New)


President Dennis Edwards (913)-683-3195
Vice-President Larry Stoafer (913)-240-5254
Treasurer Ken Hackworth (913)-240-4884
Secretary Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Webmaster Brent Goss (913)-775-2063
Youth Committee Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Conservation Director Eric Verberg (719)-332-1052
Members at Large Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Members at Large Stephen Smith (785)-304-0587
Tournament  Director Mark Luna (913)-683-0230
Tournament Committee Mike Brooks (913)-680-8721
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913)-683-3195
Tournament Committee Bill Gevedon (913)-306-4198
Tournament Committee Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913)-683-1708
Tournament Committee Danny Lee (913)-683-2855
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913)-240-5254


The next meeting will be Monday, December 5th at the Ft. Leavenworth Rod and Gun Clubhouse. We will discuss the upcoming Table Rock tournament and continue planning for the January 21st, 2017 banquet.


The website is located at the following address:  If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact Brent the webmaster.


The General membership Meeting Minutes follow:


Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on November 7th at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 23 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Secretary Report:

  • The November newsletter was emailed to all members. The secretary report was approved as presented
  • Three members were notified after the meeting that their BASS dues were due at the end of November, due to their dues due to expire then.


Treasurer Report: 

  • LBC checking account beginning balance is $5,108.22 and the ending balance is $5,181.34. The Fishing For Freedom beginning balance is $41,861.28 and the ending balance is $17,070.91.  Pay Pal has $485.20.
  • The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.
  • The budget for 2017 was also approved by the members present. A comment was made that the regatta fee for Mozingo is $100, not $300. The difference may be offset by fees for the Grand lake permit which is not shown.


Conservation Committee Report: 

  • Eric reminded all to save and bring in your gently abused plastic so he can get a package mailed off to Whopper Baits for recycling.


Youth Director Report: Bill & Steve Read went to Maryville on Tuesday, October 4 to attend the NWMSU fishing club meeting.

  • There is a new slate of officers:
    • President                   Chase Jansen
    • Vice President          Katie Fuller
    • Tournament Dir        Landon Paul
    • Secretary                   Levi Moore
    • Treasurer                   Logan Neulin
    • Media Relations       Blythe Dunlap
    • Sponsorships           Michael Addison


  • Their club will host a fund raiser on December 2nd, 2016 at the Hy-Vee store in Maryville. If anyone has any serviceable outdoor, fishing, hunting things they can donate for their silent auction , the folks there would appreciate it. It would also be a good thing if some of our members can attend. Good all-you-can eat buffet at the store there too.
  • The Bearcat Open was held last Saturday on Mozingo. Thanks to Steve Read, Bill Gevedon and Johnathan Hester for providing boats and taking students out for some bass tournament experience. The winning weight was around 19 lbs., on frogs !! by Chris Jewett and his partner.


Banquet Committee:

  • Mike Brooks will have more details on the banquet at the December meeting.
  • The members present decided on jackets for the awards banquet in January. Jackets will be donated by the Olathe Bass Pro store, and embroidered by Cathy Hillebrand.


Webmaster Report: Brent announced that we will spend $$163.10 for the web site for the next 2 years.



Vice President Report:

  • Larry is asking for our input for seminars for next year’s meetings. Bob Jorgensen will present his world class brief on fishing at Table Rock at the December meeting.
  • MOBASS will host several tournaments next year at Lake of the Ozarks and is asking for help to run them. See Larry if you are available to assist. Dates are:
    • March 28th -31st, college championship
    • April 2nd, high school championship
    • April 5th-7th, Federation regional championship


President Report: None


Fishing for Freedom:

  • Larry reported we had a total of 133 boats fish this year.
  • Don at Long Shoal Marina donated all the food for the banquet on Saturday, breakfast Sunday morning and a cookout after the weigh in. if you stop by the marina, make sure you thank him for this extremely generous support.
  • Angler’s Port Marine in Clinton hosted warriors & boaters to a Friday night cookout and lake update also. Great food and super information on current Truman lake conditions.


Old Business:  Our club had twelve anglers try out for the MOBASS state team at Lake of the Ozarks last month, and 2 of our members made the state team. Congratulations to Ray Cates and Brent Goss. They will be fishing in the regional event next April at LOZ.


New Business:

  • Brett Ware, the owner of Tightlines UV is asking for our input on the Kansas City Sports Show. He is trying to help the organization increase the participation, especially tournament fishermen by providing better seminars, exhibits and booths, etc. He has the Bassmaster rookie of the year scheduled to speak and would like our input on what we would reasonably like to see there. He would also like to provide more to attract the high school and college anglers, and even wounded warriors. If you have any suggestions, please provide them to me by the end of November and I’ll pass them 

New Members:

  • We have one new member, Dusty Randall who is here to attend school on Ft Leavenworth. Dusty may be here 1-2 years. He is a boater and will fish with us at Stockton. Welcome Dusty !!
  • Also, two past members have rejoined, Ray Hillebrand and Mike Rasco. Welcome back, guys !!


New Equipment Report: No report.


Outside Activities: None


Tournament Director’s Report:

  • The new tournament director went over proposed changes to the tournament rules. After a short discussion, all changes were accepted by the members present. The updated rules will be published when available.
  • The 1st tournament of 2017 will be at Stockton Lake on November 19th & 20th
  • Take off , both days will be at 6:30 AM or safe light, and weigh in will be at Orleans Trail Marina at 3:00 PM both days.
  • Trailering is allowed.


1 Dusty Randall Mike Rasco Mark Luna Garry Stephens
2 Larry Stoafer Ray Cates Stephen Smith Lou Engler
3 Dennis Edwards Hayes Edwards Bob Greene  
4 Steve Read Danny Lee Mike Brooks Bill Fredrick
5 Jim Wyatt Jeff Arndt Jim Wyatt Jeff Arndt
6 Rich Pearl Ken Hackworth Rich Pearl Ken Hackworth
7 Bill Horvath Ray Hillebrand Jeff Sell  
8 Stephen Smith Lou Engler Larry Stoafer Ray Cates
9 Mike Brooks Bill Fredrick Bill Gevedon Steve Clark
10 Bob Greene   Bill Horvath Ray Hillebrand
11 Jeff Sell   Frank Carroll  
12 Bill Gevedon Steve Clark Johnathan Hester  
13 Mark Luna Garry Stephens Steve Read Danny Lee
14 Johnathan Hester   Dusty Randall Mike Rasco
15 Frank Carroll   Dennis Edwards Hayes Edwards


The free tournament entry was won by Randy Kenton.


Larry provided some very nice crankbaits for the monthly raffle.


There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM


SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Dennis Edwards

Secretary                                                       President

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