Newsletter December 3rd, 2012

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

December 3rd 2012


Mike Brooks



Steve Read



Ken Hackworth



Michael Martin



Travis Perret


Youth Director:

Bill Horvath


Members at Large:

Ray Cates


Rodney Bledsoe

Tournament  Director

 Ray Hillebrand


Tournament Committee

     Bob Jorgensen

Rodney Bledsoe

Bill Gevedon

Dennis Edwards

Dave Clevenger


The next monthly Club meeting is on February 4th 2013, at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  The grills will be ready at 6:00 PM for you to cook your steaks, hamburgers or whatever you want to bring. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

The website is located at the following address:

For all of you that missed the December meeting, you missed a chance to win a free entry into a 2013 season tournament.  Just remember, you cannot affect any club decisions or win a free entry into a tournament, if you do not show up for the meetings! Be sure to plan to attend the Banquet in January and the February meeting.   Come early and join us around the bar.

The December 3rd, 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes follows:


The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on December 3rd at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse.  There were 20 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes for the November 5th 2012 general membership meeting were approved as written.  They were e-mailed to all members and were posted to the club website. The secretary’s report was accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $4490.84 and a current balance of $5445.84. The Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $14,138.33 in the Fishing for Freedom account with a current balance of $7,452.28.  The Fishing for Freedom PayPal account has a current balance of $ 448.81. The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Conservation Committee:  The Conservation committee Lead, Dan Senterfit, reported that he has been in contact with a Mr. Bobby Keenan of “Whopper Lures”, who has a recycling program that takes all used plastic lures, melts them down, re-pours them and then donates them to youth clubs.  Mr. Keenan has offered the club 4 $25 gift certificates and a 30% discount on Whopper Lures (Web-site orders) for all members of the club if the club wishes to participate and send all of our used plastics to him.  There was discussion in which it was asked to have Mr. Keenan add NWMSU to the list of clubs that receive re-poured lures, which was to be looked into.  Bob Greene further stated that this offer seems like a “Win-Win” for the club.  The Offer and discussion was put to Motion, Seconded, voted on and passed.

Dan further requested that all Monofilament line be given to him; he discussed Cabela’s in Kansas City taking all line, but not having a recycle program for it, so please give all monofilament line to Dan.

Youth Committee:  The Youth Committee Lead, Bill Horvath, stated the he went to the NWMSU meeting on 13 November 2012 and gave them a presentation on Tournament Preparation.  Bill thanked Bob Greene for supplying him with the presentation and taking the time to prepare it. Bill also took a large bag of plastics to the NWMSU for use at their tournaments; Bill stated that the gift was well received and that all NWMSU club members would have access to it.  Bill further stated that he had talked to Mr. Lopez at Cabela’s, who asked if the Club would do a “Casting Kids Event” around the weekend of 16/17 Feb 13.  There will be more to follow on this date and event.  Bill mentioned that the “Coats for Kids” program was going well and that the donation will be made on December 5th at the Price Chopper in Plate City, MO.  Please get all donations to Bill Horvath prior to that date.

Banquet Committee:  The banquet is January 26th 2013, at the American Legion located at 418 Cherokee in Leavenworth.  The start times will be as follows; 5:00 PM for Happy Hour, (there will be an open bar) and the Banquet Officially Starts at 6:00 PM. Committee lead, Steve Read announced aloud the names of the sponsors who were sent invitations for the Banquet, it was mentioned that the MOBASS president and his spouse should be invited along with the State Biologist from Mozingo Lake and his spouse, the list was approved by the membership.  Larry Stoafer asked that four of the primary sponsors of the “Fishing for Freedom” be sent invitations and that their meals paid for, this was motioned on, seconded, voted on and approved.  Steve also mentioned that the Committee and volunteers went to “Various” sponsors and procured items to be used as raffle prizes at the Banquet. Steve stated that he needed a complete headcount of all that would attend by 14 January 2013.

A motion was made to keep the current Donation amount at $150.00 to receive a meal paid for by the Club.  This motion was seconded, voted on and approved.

Bill Horvath asked that any and all pictures from this years tournaments be sent to him for the Banquet slide show presentation.

Webmaster: Travis Perret presented a presentation on the web-site and how to make its use easier for all Club members.  Biggest Lesson Learned was that after registering for the forums page, the member can change the password to one of their choosing.

Vice President’s report: The Vice President asked for someone to give a “Deep Water” fishing presentation to the membership at the February meeting, to assist anglers who may be less familiar with that style of fishing, which may be the preferred style in the early Tournament season.

President’s Report:  Club President Mike Brooks asked that everyone be mindful of what they say and/or how they act at Club Functions or when representing the club.  There have been times when the club could have been represented better, to date there has been no harm to the Club through any action of any member, but please be mindful that you are being watched by the Community, our Sponsors and other anglers.

Old Business:  None.  


New Business:  Dave Clevenger mentioned his disappointment of Club Members and guest who did not accept donated raffle prizes from a Long time member and supported of the Club at last years Banquet.  Dave stated that these “LARGE” bags contained various lures of size and color.  Dave suggested that if you or a guest receive one of these bags this year, you accept it, open it, and that you may be surprised by what you find inside.  Dave asked that everyone in attendance be mindful of what you are saying and doing so as to bring good light on the Club.  (Also see Club Presidents Comments)

Bill Horvath asked that if anyone does not want an Item they receive as a raffle prize, that he be given the item to redistribute to the NWMSU club members who would greatly appreciate it.

Rodney Bledsoe asked for donations for a Wounded Warrior (Marine) whose fishing gear was damaged or stolen from storage while he was deployed.  Rodney mentioned that this Marine lost both his legs, but wishes to get back to fishing as he had done before. Several members agreed to get with Rodney with donations that Rodney will ship to the Marine as a Christmas Gift from the LBC.

New Members:  None.

Tournament Director’s Report:

Table Rock Tournament:  The Tournament Director, Ray Hillebrand, announced that there would be a Tournament Schedule out at the Banquet for all members to receive and announced the November tournament winners and asked if they give a brief synopsis of how they fished.

17 November 2012:

1st Place:  Dennis Edwards with 11.28 lbs:  Dennis was not in attendance so no report was given.

2nd Place:  Sam Morton with 7.69 lbs:  Sam was not in attendance so no report was given.

3rd Place:  Bob Jorgensen with 7.63 lbs:  Bob reported using Spinner bait on plain banks with trees and a Drop Shot Yamamoto Cut Tail Worm, Purple in color.

4th Place:  Bill Gevedon with 6.41 lbs:  Bill reported using a J-Rig with a Sweet Beaver in the Dirty Sanchez color.

5th Place:  Larry Stoafer with NWN:  Larry reported flipping docks with a 5/8 oz Fitzwater Jig in the Peanut Butter Jelly (PBJ) Color.

18 November 2012:

 1st Place:  Larry Stoafer with 9.86 lbs:  Larry reported using the same approach and bait as the previous day.

2nd Place: Bob Greene with 9.07 lbs:  Bob Reported that “Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut” then stated that he fished docks and boat stalls using a Fitzwater Finesse Jig with a UV beaver in the Moody Craw color.  Bob reported that he caught his fish in about 4ft of water with this presentation.

3rd Place:  Sam Morton with NWN:  Sam was not in attendance so no report was given.

4th Place:  Dennis Edwards with NWN:  Dennis was not in attendance so no report was given.

5th Place:  Randy Kenton with NWN:  Randy was not in attendance so no report was given.

Free Tournament Entry:  Steve Read was the lucky winner of one free tournament entry to be used in the 2013 season.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:04 PM.

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Michael Martin Mike Brooks
Secretary President



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