May 6th 2013 Newsletter/Minutes

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 6th, 2013


Mike Brooks



Steve Read



Ken Hackworth



Michael Martin



Travis Perret


Youth Director:

Bill Horvath


Members at Large:

Dave Clevenger

Bill Frederick

Tournament  Director

 Ray Hillebrand


Tournament Committee

     Bob Jorgensen

Rodney Bledsoe

Bill Gevedon

Dennis Edwards

Dave Clevenger


The next monthly Club meeting is on June 3rd, 2013, at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  The grills will be ready at 6:00 PM for you to cook your steaks, hamburgers or whatever you want to bring. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

The website is located at the following address:

For all of you that missed the May meeting, you missed a presentation by Gary Burton of Burtons Bait and Tackle on “Keeping Fish Alive” and a small update on how Smithville lake is doing, you also missed a chance to win a free entry into a 2013 season tournament.  Just remember, you cannot affect any club decisions or win a free entry into a tournament, if you do not show up for the meetings!  Come early and join us around the bar.

The May 6th, 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes follows:


The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on April 1st at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse.  There were 19 members present. The

Vice-president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes for the April 1st, 2013 general membership meeting were approved as written.  They were e-mailed to all members and were posted to the club website. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as posted.  The motion carried and the secretary’s report was accepted as posted on the web site.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $4746.42 and a current balance of $5233.82. The Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $8671.46 in the Fishing for Freedom account with a current balance of $8631.46.  The Fishing for Freedom PayPal account has a current balance of $ 448.81. The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Conservation Committee:  The Conservation committee Chairman Dan Senterfit, was not present but sent word to have all line and plastics to be recycled brought to either the June meeting or the June Tournament.  They will be collected there.

Youth Committee:  The Youth Committee Chairman, Bill Horvath, stated that he needs to have at least 10 to 11 volunteers to assist Cabelas KC, with the kids fishing derby that they will be having on 8 June 13.  E-Mail to follow from Bill H.

Banquet Committee:  Steve Read stated that he has obtained a date and location for the 2013 LBC Banquet.  It will be at the Eagles Lodge on 25 Jan 2014.  Members present mentioned a banquet facility located in Leavenworth other than the Eagles Lodge and after some discussion it was decided that Mark Luna will check on rates for that facility.

Webmaster:  There was no Webmaster report, however Travis made mention of asking Gary Burton to speak to the club about keeping fish alive during a tournament.  More to follow.

Vice President’s report: No Report.

President’s Report:  Club President Mike Brooks was not present, but VP Steve Read reported that the Tournament Jerseys were on schedule and should be ready by the June meeting.  The exact price was not available at the time, however it was stated that the price should be less than $50.00 and that a Jersey ordered by a member would have to be paid for prior to them being allowed to fish the next tournament.   It was mentioned that if you had ordered a Jersey, that you should bring the funds to the next club meeting.

It was reported that MOBASS is currently working on ways to reduce their budget demands.  One way discussed and approved was for them to stop the monthly paperback newsletter.  It was also discussed that a $10 annual increase in dues may be an answer to their budget issues, and after some discussion inside our club, a motion was made and approved which stated that a Raise in the Annual Membership dues would be accepted if all other means by MOBASS had been made by reasonable effort.

Fishing For Freedom:  No issues with this year event.  Larry reported that there will be more TV production this year with the inclusion of WFN as well as IDEW shows.

Old Business:  No old business.

New Business:  Larry Stoafer made mention of the SAFE fishing event on May 25th.  Please contact Larry S. if you want to volunteer to assist with this event.  Larry S. also made mention on the 6 man team tournament that Kansas has each year.  Larry stated that he has already put one 6 man team together and that if there are any more club anglers that want to do this event, to get in contact with him.

New Members:  No New members present.

Tournament Director’s Report: The Tournament Director, Ray Hillebrand reported the results of the March 23 and 24 Table Rock Tournament.

20 April Truman Tournament:


3rd Place:  Dave Clevenger – It was reported that Dave C. was using a Fat Worm.

2nd Place:  Bill Gevedon – It was reported that Bill G. was using a Spinner bait.

1st Place:  Jim Wyatt – Reported using a Green Pumpkin Fat Worm and Fry in Dirty Water.

 21 April Truman Tournament:

 3rd Place:  Tom Baker – It was reported that Tom was using a Jerk bait in the Grand Arm.

2nd Place:  Dennis Edwards – It was reported that Dennis was using a Jerk Bait on the Tebow Arm.

1st Place:  Bob Jorgenson – Reported using a Jerk Bait in the main lake pockets of the Tebow Arm off the deeper sides of the coves in the deeper sections.

Angler Big Bass for the 20th:                                         Angler Big Bass for the 21st:


1st:  Jim Wyatt                                                               1st:  Dennis Edwards

2nd:  Bill Gevedon                                                         2nd:  Bob Jorgenson


Co-Angler on the 23rd:                                                  Co-Angler on the 24th:


1st:  Mike Brooks                                                            1st:  Tom Baker

2nd:  Dave Clevenger                                                     2nd:  Bill Frederick


May 4th Mozingo Tournament:


Boater Big Bass                   Co-Angler Big Bass


1.  Mark Luna                          1.  Frank Carroll

2.  Stephan Smith                    2.  Tom Baker


Tournament Committee Announcement: 

Tournament Director Ray Hillebrand and Committee Member Bob Jorgenson stated that everyone needs to keep in mind that we are getting a lot of boaters in the club and that there are a lot of boats launching at the ramps for our tournaments.  Everyone needs to be in the water and ready for take-off at the time designated for tournament start, there will no longer be waiting for people to launch their boat.  Get there in time to get your boat in the water.   It was also stated that if Boaters decide to pair up, then it is the boat number of the boat that is being used that will dictate when your launch number is, not the lowest number in the boat and if there is anyone who cannot make a tournament after having paid and received a launch number, then that person must contact either the Tournament Director or a member of the tournament committee so that they are aware.

It was discussed, based on the class we were given by Gary Burton, that we should update our tournament weigh-in bags.  It was decided to purchase “8 bags” such as a “Gator-Grip” version with a mesh insert that allows for quick and expedient weigh-ins with little impact on the fish, with the cost not to exceed $60.00 per bag.  A motion was made and passed.

It was also mentioned that Tournament Director Ray Hillebrand was in the process of getting Card Stock from Leavenworth Office Supply, so that weigh-in cards could be made.

Free Tournament Entry:  Mark Luna was the lucky winner of one free tournament entry to be used in the 2013 season.

Door Prize:  Bob Green was the luck winner of the Door Prize.



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