May 2019 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 29th, 2019 (actually the May meeting)

2019 Officers

President Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Vice-President Mike Brooks (913)-680-8721
Treasurer Ken Hackworth (913)-240-4884
Secretary Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Webmaster Ray Hillebrand (913)-683-0500
Youth Committee Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Conservation Director Eric Verburg (719)-332-1052
Members at Large Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Members at Large Stephen Smith (785)-304-0587
Tournament Director Mark Luna (913)-683-0230
Tournament Committee Mike Brooks (913)-680-8721
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913)-683-3195
Tournament Committee Bill Gevedon (913)-306-4198
Tournament Committee Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913)-683-1708
Tournament Committee Danny Lee (913)-683-2855
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913)-240-5254

The next club meeting will be Tuesday, May 28th.  (This is actually the June meeting). The normally scheduled meeting for June 3rd is cancelled.

The website is located at the following address: If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.


  • The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on April 29th at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 20 members present. The President called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

Secretary Report:

  • The newsletter for April 2019 was mailed to all current members. A motion was made to accept the newsletter as written, motion was seconded and approved by majority vote.
  • There is an updated email roster that will be sent with this May newsletter. If anyone needs to send an email to “all” please use the current e-mail roster.

Treasurer Report: 

  • LBC checking account beginning balance was $5959.40 and the ending balance is $7,290.35. The Fishing for Freedom account beginning and ending balance is $14,061.43. The Pay Pal account previously was reported as $145.05 but was not updated. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report as read, motion seconded and was approved by majority vote.
  • Two previous members renewed their membership – Dave Clevenger and Johnathan Hester.

Conservation Committee Report:

Volunteers from the Leavenworth Bass Club met at Mozingo Lake on 13 April 2019 to add much needed habitat to this popular fishery in Northwest Missouri.  Mozingo Lake is a 1,006-acre water supply reservoir constructed in 1992. It attracts thousands of anglers and pleasure boaters annually.  Like many aging reservoirs across the county, diminishing fish habitat and extensive bank erosion have significantly hampered the recreational value and goals of the lake.  The Lake hosts a wide variety of fish species that appeal to anglers, of these, the Largemouth Bass and Crappie receive the majority of angling attention.

The Leavenworth Bass Club, one of the largest in the area, is located in Leavenworth Kansas and is affiliated with the Missouri Bass Nation and promotes public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport as well as offering state conservation departments its support.  In the fall of 2018, the Club successfully competed for one of two $5,000 Grants which were generously donated from the 40 Creek Whiskey Company. The Grant was awarded in November of 2018 and Eric Verburg, Leavenworth Bass Club Conservation officer began the planning phase for this large Project.  Tory Mason, Fisheries Management Biologist for Mozingo Lake, gave the approval to place Mossback Fish habitat in the Lake and when the grant funds were received the Mossback artificial trees of various sizes as well numerous other supplies (cinder blocks, wire rope, cable clams, etc.) were purchased. A project of this size requires several volunteers and both ground and water equipment. Mike Brooks, Leavenworth Bass Club Vice President, stored the Mossback habitat for several weeks and used his double axel trailer to transport the habitat to Mozingo Lake.   On a chilly spring morning the volunteers from the Leavenworth Bass Club, the Northwest Missouri State University Outdoor Club, local residents, and the Missouri Fisheries Management Department quickly began to assemble the Mossback habitat, attached cinder blocks to completed trees, and place the trees in the lake. Tory Mason brought the Missouri Fisheries Management Department habitat barge, which holds 6-8 tress depending on size to place the habitat on channel swing banks, points, coves and other locations on the lake that were lacking natural habitat to increase fish populations in those areas.  The locations of the newly added habitat were marked with GPS coordinates which will be made available to the public. Thanks to all the volunteers the project was completed in a very busy morning and everyone stayed for a cookout and to socialize.   The Leavenworth Bass Club and Mozingo Lake Biologists were thankful to 40 Creek Whiskey Company for providing the grant as the habitat will benefit current and future anglers.

Youth Director Report:

  • The drawing by the NWMSU Fishing Club fund raiser, a Henry .22 lever action rifle was held on April 2, 2019. The winner was Bob Jorgensen. Congrats, Bob!!

June 22nd is the date for the Leavenworth County Commissioners Kids Fishing Derby. The KFD will be held at Happy Hollow Lake and the county is once again seeking assistance from LBC. Although this date conflicts with the LBC tournament at Hudson Lake, OK if any members do not plan to fish Hudson, they are requested to support the KFD as shore patrol, etc. More details to follow at the May and June meetings.

Banquet Committee:  Mike has scheduled the banquet for January 25th, 2020.

Webmaster Report:  Webmaster was not in attendance. President requested that the TD send the current tournament schedule to the Webmaster for posting. The 2018 schedule is still up.

Vice President Report: Nothing significant to report.

President Report: I just want to thank everyone for all of the heavy lifting that’s been done since the last meeting. Everything from note taking while Bill was preparing for surgery to running the Pomme tournament to planning, organizing and flawlessly executing the 40 Creek Mozingo conservation project and the Smith Lake habitat project. LBC continues to be a leader in the fishing community and it’s because of the willingness of you, the membership to pitch in and get it done. I’m proud to be a part of this organization.

  • I attended the MOBASS Meeting on 13 Apr. I have completed a trip report that

will accompany the next LBC Newsletter. Some highlights are:

  • Discount program update – Lew’s.
    • MOBASS Alliance boat program includes Nitro, 2019 boat is sold; first time in 3 years.
    • Change in the MOBASS Scholarship Program details will be delivered at the Jun MOBASS Meeting.
    • MOBASS Sunglasses Program – Bob has 2 pair left if anyone wants a pair.
    •  Next MOBASS Meeting is 9 Jun.
    • Medical Emergency at Pomme de Terre led us to resurrect the LBC Emergency Contact Roster. Each Officer will have a copy to be used for emergencies only.
    • Larry completed an F3 update for the MOBASS Newspaper and I submitted that
    • to the MOBASS President on 15 Apr.
    • Eric completed the conservation article for the 40 Creek project and I submitted that to the MOBASS President and the MOBASS Environmental Director on 26 Apr – Both articles met the 30 Apr deadline for submissions.
    • June Dates: Mark Luna will check availability of the clubhouse for Tuesday 28 May and Monday 17 Jun. More to follow.

Fishing for Freedom: Steve Read reports he & Bill Horvath are seeking Rod & Reel Sponsorship through BPS. More to follow from corporate. Kenny Hackworth reports that the money is on track for this year’s event; no foreseen financial issues.

Old Business: Nothing to report.

New Business: Nothing to report.

New Members:  None.

New Equipment Report:  Nothing to report.

Outside Activities: None

Alibis: None

Tournament Director:  Pomme de Terre, Buddy tournements

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
1st Kenny Dawson 3 8.92 Spinner bait
2nd Randy Kenton 2 8.22 Spinner bait
3rd Danny Lee 1 6.18 Ned
4th Jeff Sell 1 4.80  
5th Dennis Edwards 1 4.16  
Big Bass
1st Jeff Sell 4.19  
2nd Kenny Dawson 3.67
1st Randy Kenton 5.84  
2nd Danny Lee 5.57
Sunday, April 7th, 2019
1st Denis Edwards 5 14.53 Tube
2nd Jeff Sell 3 6.96 Jig?
3rd Hayes Edwards 2 4.89 Jig
4th Mark Luna 1 4.21 ?
5th Bob Jorgensen 2 3.30 Rock Crawlers
Big Bass
1st Dennis Edwards 4.26  
2nd Mark Luna 4.21
1st Hayes Edwards 3.74  
2nd Danny Lee 2.09

Table Rock, 4-5 May, 2019.Trailering is allowed. Takeoff both days is 6:15, and weigh in at Schooner Creek is 3:00 both days. The launch order is shown here:

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

BOAT # Boater Co Angler
1 Mark Luna John Cruz
2 Bob Greene  
3 Mike Brooks Jack Millar
4 Jeff Sell  
5 Stephen Smith Frank Carroll
6 Larry Stoafer  
7 Bill Gevedon Mark Stadel
8 Eric Verburg  
9 Bob Jorgensen  
10 Steve Clark  
11 Jim Wyatt Jeff Arndt

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

BOAT # Boater Co Angler
1 Jim Wyatt Jeff Arndt
2 Steve Clark  
3 Bob Jorgensen  
4 Eric Verburg  
5 Bill Gevedon Mark Stadel
6 Larry Stoafer  
7 Stephen Smith Frank Carroll
8 Jeff Sell  
9 Mike Brooks Jack Millar
10 Bob Greene  
11 Mark Luna John Cruz

Thanks to Mike Brooks for the door prizes.

The free tournament entry was won by Jason Bryant.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45

Dennis Edwards led an outstanding discussion on how to Approach Pre-Fishing a Tournament.

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Bill Horvath                                                   Bob Greene

Secretary                                                       President

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