March 7, 2011

The next monthly Club meeting is on Monday 4 April 2011, at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  The grills will be ready at 6:00 PM for you to cook your steaks, hamburgers or whatever you want to bring. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.  Announcement: Just a reminder that our website is out there for all members to use, so get out there and check it out.  If you have anything that you would like to see on the website, please let Travis Perret know.  The website is located at the following address:  Also, please inform Travis and Bob concerning your buddies for the upcoming Buddy Tournaments so the rosters can be posted and updated accordingly.  This will allow folks looking for partners to figure out who might be available to fish in a given tournament.  Additionally, please check to make sure your personal information is correct on the webpage.  If your information is not correct, please notify Larry to ensure we have the most current information on the club rosters and he will get the webmaster the correct information.    

 For all of you that missed the March meeting, you missed a chance to win a free entry into a 2011 season tournament and a chance to win two F3 raffle tickets for the guided trips.  Just remember, you cannot affect any club decisions or win a free entry into a tournament if you do not show up for the meetings! Be sure to plan to attend the April meeting.  Come early and join us around the bar.  

 The 7 March 2011 General Membership Meeting Minutes follows:


The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on 7 Mar 2011 at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse.  There were 16 members and 2 guests present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  

Secretary’s Report:  The secretary informed everyone that the minutes for the February 2011 general membership meeting were e-mailed to all members that have e-mail and were posted to the club website. The minutes from the February 2010 general membership meeting were approved as written. 

2011 membership dues are being accepted. 2011 dues have not changed from last year; they are $65 total ($30 national federation, $30 state federation, $5 LBC). Membership dues must be paid in full prior to fishing any 2011 season tournaments with the club. Make all checks payable to The Leavenworth Bass Club for the full amount. We currently have 37 active (2011 dues paid) members.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $2,513.48 and a current balance of $2,623.48 with expenditures of $120.00 and deposits of $230. The Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $1323.30 in the Fishing for Freedom account with a current balance of $900.68 with expenditures of $702.67 and deposits of $280. The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Conservation Committee:  Dan Senterfitt volunteered to head the 2011 conservation committee and will be contacting the state federation and state conservation office to investigate a possible project for the club.

Youth Committee:  Bob Greene, Bill Horvath, and Mark Justice will attended the Northwest Missouri State University (NWMSU) bass club meeting on 15 Feb. Bob put on a prespawn seminar. Bill Horvath, Bob Jorgensen, and Mark Justice will put on a flipping and pitching seminar at the next NWMSU club meeting on 15 March.

Thanks to everyone who assisted in the 20 Feb casting kids’ event at Cabelas the event was a great success.

Due to lack of interest in a spring 2011 Kid’s Fishing Derby Bill will stop his coordination efforts.

BPS Olathe wants the LBC to do a Casting Kids event at their store in the future. Bill will coordinate the details.

The club has 17 April scheduled to support the NWMSU club with boats at Mozingo. Details are still being coordinated but Bill anticipates needing up to 15 boats to support this event.  Bill plans on having a hotdog/hamburger cookout after the event similar to last year. Bill will present the detailed plan at the April meeting

Banquet Committee:  Bill Horvath volunteered to head the banquet committee for 2011. The banquet date is scheduled for 21 Jan 2012 at the Leavenworth American Legion.

Webmaster:  At the Feb meeting Travis Perret discussed the difficulties in maintaining the current LBC website. Travis was asked to gather additional information reference hosting sites and prices, will we have a forum, and a members only password protected side. Travis recommended hosting through the web designer due to ease of access but hosting on any site is an easy change. The website will have a forum but may not be exactly like the one we currently have. Yes we will have members only password protected side. After a series of discussion the club voted on these options: Option 1 with 316 design cost $500 setup fee and $120 annual hosting fee. Option 2 was with Bass Pro Sites a $1200 setup fee with hosting being free. The members present decided on option 1 and Travis will begin the process of getting the new site built.

Vice President’s report:  Dan passed around and asked for input on his F3 volunteer coordination sheet.

President’s Report: Randy will get a copy of the updated club bylaws to the webmaster for posting.




New Members:  There were two new members were present. Steve Read and Brandon Grom both from St Joseph, Mo area were introduced to the club by Mark Justice. Steve is a boater and Brandon a non-boater. Please welcome Steve and Brandon at your earliest opportunity.

Fishing for Freedom:  The F3 committee meets again on 8 March. The new F3 website launched on 7 March . Our F3 major fundraiser is underway. We have 12 guided fishing trips donated to date and will sell tickets for $5 each. We will draw winners on or about 15 April. We have been selling tickets and promoting F3 at Cabelas, Smithville Marine, and BPS Olathe.  We will be at Rogers in Liberty 19 March if you can help out please let Larry know.  Raffle tickets are available through the website as well.

Lake of the Ozarks
1.Captain Travis Coleman ½ Day
First Mate Yacht Services

2.Ben Blankenbeker ½ Day
Hawg Stump Guide Service

Table Rock, Tanneycomo, Bull Shoals, Stockton, Pomme de Terre
3. Eric Prey ½ day certificate
Largemouth, Smallmouth, Kentucky Bass, White Bass, Crappie & Bluegill, Rainbow & Brown Trout, Walleye

Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals or Taneycomo
4. Eric Olliverson ½ Day certificate
Bass, Trout, Crappie, Walleye, Spoonbill, Bluegill

Table Rock
5. Bill Beck ½ day

6.Marty Thompson ½ day
Walleye, Bass, catfish, crappie.

Osage River
7.Alfred Chapman 1/2 day trip
Black Bass, Kentucky or Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass and Crappie on the Osage River.

Mozingo Lake
8. Mark Justice

Truman Lake
9. Jerry McCuthchen

10. Doug Clausen

11. Jamie Edge

Smithville Lake
12. Gary Burton ½ day
Bass, Crappie

Tournament Director’s Report: All boaters need to provide Bob Greene with their current insurance certificate at your earliest convenience. Boaters without proof of insurance on file with the tournament director will not be allowed to participate in any club tournaments.

Boaters who’s on file insurance certificates are expired or will expire prior to the March tournament are:

Mike Brooks 18 Mar 2011
Mark Justice 5 Feb 2011
Randy Kenton 26 Jan 2011
Danny Lee 15 Feb 2011
Mark Luna 16 Mar 2011
Nick Plooster 25 Mar 2011
Mike Rasco Not on File

Boaters may send a PDF copy via e-mail to Bob or bring him a hard copy.

Bob announced the possibility of Mozingo fees going up in 2012. He plans on submitting 5 dates for 2012 at the end of the month. The club voted in Feb 2011 to book the 5 dates in 2012 and allow Bob up to $500 to pay the regatta fees at Mozingo. A decision from the Maryville city hall should be made on 15 May and Bob will book the dates as discussed.

The tournament director announced the launch order for the 26, 27 March Lake of the Ozarks buddy tournaments. The tournament headquarters is Lake View resort. The weigh-in will be at the Shawnee Bend ramp.  Launch time will be determined on site 24 or 25 March. Our regatta permit is for 5:30, we can launch anytime thereafter. Expect that since there will be Daylight savings time between now and the tournament date that safe light will be closer to 6 am than 5:30. Trailering is authorized. Off limits areas are inside the buoys at Shawnee Bend Ramp and IAW applicable state and federal laws.

LBC Launch Order


March 26, 2011 

1 Mike Rasco Ray Cates
2 Mark Justice Rodney Bledsoe
3 Steve Read Brandon Grom
4 Dennis Edwards Randy Kenton
5 Bill Gevedon Mike Brooks
6 Bob Jorgensen Dan Senterfitt
7 Denny Bowers John Carrol
8 Bob Greene Dave Bashaw
9 Larry Stoafer Garrett Cates
10 Mark Luna Ken Hackworth

LBC Launch Order


March 27, 2011 

1 Mark Justice Rodney Bledsoe
2 Bob Jorgensen Dan Senterfitt
3 Bob Greene Dave Bashaw
4 Larry Stoafer Garrett Cates
5 Denny Bowers John Carrol
6 Dennis Edwards Randy Kenton
7 Bill Gevedon Mike Brooks
8 Mike Rasco Ray Cates
9 Steve Read Brandon Grom
10 Mark Luna Ken Hackworth

Free Tournament Entry:  Randy Kenton was the lucky winner of one free tournament entry to be used in the 2011 season.

Dan Senterfitt was the lucky winner of the evening’s door prize 2 guided trip raffle tickets donated by the F3 committee.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

//s// //s//
Larry Stoafer Randy Kenton
Secretary       President

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