March 2015 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


March 2nd, 2015

2015 Officers

President: Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Vice-President Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254
Treasurer: Ken Hackworth (913) 240-4884
Secretary: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Webmaster: Brent Goss (913) 775-2063
Youth Director: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Members at Large: Bob Greene (913) 240-4474
Members at Large: Lou Engler (913) 888-7424
Tournament  Director Randy Kenton (913) 927-6777
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816) 588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913) 683-3195
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913) 683-1708
Tournament Committee Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254

The next regular club meeting will be on April 6th, 2015. We will be signing up for the Table Rock  tournament.

The website is located at the following address:  if you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.

The General membership Meeting Minutes follow:

Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on the 2nd of March, 2015 at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 22 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The current member roster was sent out earlier this month. Please check your information and if anything is not correct, let me know and I’ll fix it.

The secretary sent a current copy of our club By Laws to BASS.

Treasurer’s Report:   Kenny reports that the club checking account had a starting balance of $2,653.82 and an ending balance of $2,520.82. The Fishing for Freedom checking account had a beginning balance of $26,070.80 and ending balance of $26,323.80.. PAYPAL account was unchanged with a balance of $96.27. The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Conservation Committee Report: :  Thanks to those who volunteered to help in structure planting in Smith Lake on post.

Youth Committee Report:  Several upcoming events for youth:

  • Casting Kids event at Cabela’s on March 29th from 12:30 till 3:00 PM. This is unfortunately during our tournament at Stockton. If anyone not fishing at Stockton can help, please let me know. Spouses welcomed too. Need about 10 people to do this one.
  • We will support Earth Day at the Topeka Zoo on April 18th doing some backyard bassin’ and pitching/flipping demonstrations. Looking for volunteers to help.

The Super 8 motel in Maryville is now a America’s Best Inn. he phone # is still 660-582-8088

More information on these events at the April meeting.

Banquet Committee Report:  John has volunteered to be the banquet chairman again for the 2016 event. He is continuing his effort to make the banquet  the best ever by reminding everyone to submit the critique sheets back to him so he can start planning.


Webmaster Report:  Brett reports he is still trying to get angler profiles updated on the web site. Update or turn one in on the forms he distributed at the meeting or he is offering to make up unflattering things with an ugly picture for you. Brett can help if you have problems logging into the web site.


If you have suggestions for the web site, need help or a password, contact Brent.


Brent requested a new copy of the current tournament standings be sent to him.


Vice President’s Report:  Larry talked about the Missouri Conservation Federation and the benefits of becoming an affiliate member. A vote was taken and passed for the LBC to become an affiliate member in 2015. The cost was $30 base price plus $1 per member.
Larry reminded everyone of the LBC and MOBASS sponsor benefits. The current list and access procedures were forwarded to Brent for posting on the website.


Larry also reported that the new access procedures so far are working better than expected.


President’s Report:  Steve will coordinate logos for new club shirts thru MOBASS.


Old Business: The Fishing for Freedom committee is looking as a possible Friday night program prior to the F3 happenings starting on Saturday . More at the next meeting.

New Business:  John Matthews donated a big lure to  the Rod and Gun Club.

By-Law changes. No report

New Members: None

New Equipment Report:  Several members talked about the new jerk bait from Rapala named the Shadow Rap. Several pros used it at the Classic last month. Worth investigating. Also, the new RKCRAWLER 55 by Spro is like a Wiggle Wart on steroids. A bit bigger and dives to around 8-12ft. Could be hot at Stockton and Table Rock.

Outside Activities:  Several members stayed at Harper Valley at Table Rock last month over the President’s Day weekend. Nice cabins, decent price – worth staying there. It’s in Fisher Creek so it’s centrally located with easy access to areas around Kimberling City.

Tournament Director’s Report: 

The next tournament will be a buddy tx at Stockton, March 28th and 29th. Trailering is allowed.

Saturday, March 28th Take off @ 6:15 AM or safe light.

Weigh in @ Orleans Trail Marina @ 3:00 PM

1 Mark  Luna Garry Stephens
2 Ken Hackworth Danny Lee
3 Larry Stoafer Bill Horvath
4 Bill Gevedon Bill Frederick
5 Steve Read Mark Justice
6 Jeff Sell
7 Bob Jorgensen Dave Clevenger
8 Sam Morton Ray Cates
9 Frank Carroll
10 Dennis Edwards Hays Edwards
11 Randy Kenton
12 Stephen Smith
13 Steve Clark
14 Rich Pearl Eric Verberg
15 Bob Greene


Sunday, March 29th Take off @ 6:15 AM or safe light.

Weigh in @ Orleans Trail Marina @ 2:00 PM

1 Sam Morton Ray Cates
2 Randy Kenton
3 Steve Clark
4 Jeff Sell
5 Larry Stoafer
6 Rich Pearl Eric Verberg
7 Bob Jorgensen Dave Clevenger
8 Dennis Edwards Hays Edwards
9 Ken Hackworth Danny Lee
10 Frank Carroll
11 Mark  Luna Garry Stephens
12 Steve Read Mark Justice
13 Bill Gevedon
14 Bob Greene

The free tournament entry was won by John Matthews.

The door prizes drawings were won by Mark Justice, Stephen Smith, Brent Goss, Randy Kenton, Bill Frederick and Jeff Sell (had 2)

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM


After the official meeting ended, Larry gave another outstanding presentation, this time on stickbaits. We should have an opportunity to practice at Stockton and Table Rock.



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Bill Horvath                                                   Steve Read

Secretary                                                       President

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