March 2013 Meeting Newsletter/Minutes

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

March 4th, 2013


Mike Brooks



Steve Read



Ken Hackworth



Michael Martin



Travis Perret


Youth Director:

Bill Horvath


Members at Large:

Dave Clevenger

Bill Frederick

Tournament  Director

 Ray Hillebrand


Tournament Committee

     Bob Jorgensen

Rodney Bledsoe

Bill Gevedon

Dennis Edwards

Dave Clevenger

The next monthly Club meeting is on April 1st, 2013, at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  The grills will be ready at 6:00 PM for you to cook your steaks, hamburgers or whatever you want to bring. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

The website is located at the following address:

For all of you that missed the February meeting, you missed a chance to win a free entry into a 2013 season tournament.  Just remember, you cannot affect any club decisions or win a free entry into a tournament, if you do not show up for the meetings!  Come early and join us around the bar.

The March 4th, 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes follows:


The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on March 4th at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse.  There were 22 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes for the February 4th, 2012 general membership meeting were approved as written.  They were e-mailed to all members and were posted to the club website. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as posted.  The motion carried and the secretary’s report was accepted as posted on the web site.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $3443.81 and a current balance of $3488.15. The Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $8760.16 in the Fishing for Freedom account with a current balance of $8671.46.  The Fishing for Freedom PayPal account has a current balance of $ 448.81. The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Conservation Committee:  The Conservation committee Chairman Dan Senterfit, reported that he has developed a system for collecting used plastic baits at each tournament.  He has supplied a plastic container and plastic bags that will be available at weigh in at each tournament.  He suggested that each member should collect their used plastics at the end of the tournament in the plastic bags he will provide.  Full bags can be in the plastic container.  The container will be located in the vicinity of the weigh in scales to be convenient to the members. The Conservation Committee and the Tournament Committee will conduct further coordination to ensure the plastic container is transported to each tournament along with the other weigh in equipment.

Youth Committee:  The Youth Committee Chairman, Bill Horvath, began by thanking the members for supporting the Kids Casting event held at Cabelas.  The event included 57 children that participated.  Bill went on to summarize that the Club had sponsored a Crappie fishing seminar at Northwestern Missouri State University (for their fishing club).  The seminar was conducted by Bob Jorgensen and was very well received by the NMSU Fishing Club members.

Bill announced that the Club would conduct a series of fishing related round-robin stations at Mozingo Lake on 2 April 2013 to support the NMSU Fishing Club.  Bill solicited volunteers from the LBC members present to conduct one or more of the following events planned; Pitching and Flipping station, Knot Tying station, Top Water “Frog Fishing” station, and a Hook Removal station.

Bill also announced that the NMSU will be hosting the “Bearcat Open” at Mozingo on 6 April and solicited the LBC members for three or four boats to support the event.  Bill Horvath, Steve Read, Bob Jorgensen and Bill Gevedon volunteered to provide boats for the event.

Banquet Committee:  There was no Banquet Committee report.

Webmaster: Travis Perret our Webmaster, reported that a club discount code was available on the club web site for Whopper Baits.  Travis also asked the members present to post a discount code for Mondo Tackle.  This company is located in Lake Quivera, KS.  The LBC members supported his request and Travis will be posting that code as well as a link to the  Mondo Tackle web site for the members.

Vice President’s report: No Report.

President’s Report:  Club President Mike Brooks reminded the members that the next MOBASS State meeting would be held on 6 April 2013 at Lake Pomme de Terre.  He asked other members that were interested in attending to contact him to coordinate transportation.

Mike reminded the members that the MOBASS Spring Fling would be held on 7 April 2013 at Pomme.

The majority of the President’s report consisted of a description and follow on discussion of Club Jerseys.  Pictures of the proposed jersey design were present for the members to review.  After some discussion the a motion was made for the Club to pay for each member’s jersey upon receipt from the vendor (Valley Fashions).  This consolidated payment method supports an agreement between the MOBASS Nation leadership and the vendor. The motion carried a stipulation that each member would repay the LBC for his jersey and would not be allowed to fish another tournament until the LBC was reimbursed.  This motion was seconded and approved by a vote of the members present. A firm price had not yet been reached by the vendor but will be available upon approval of the jersey design by the club.  An estimate was provided that ranged between $39 and $47 for the completed jersey depending upon the collar type and sleeve length ordered by each member. Mike, with the support of the Club Treasurer, will collect orders and track the orders and payment on a spreadsheet.  The members were advised that the opportunity to order jerseys would most likely close in mid March 2013.  As of 4 March 2013 the members had indicated that they wanted a collective total of 35 LBC Jerseys.

Fishing For Freedom:  No Report

Old Business:  Larry Stoafer mentioned that was advertising Mega Bass Lures (Jerk Baits) for $22 each.

The club recognized its newest members; Mr. Lou Engler, Mr. Nick Parker and Mr. Stephen Smith that were in attendance.


New Business:  A former member, long time sponsor and supporter of the LBC Mr. Butch Lansing donated in excess of 60 lbs of lures of all types to the club members.  The lures were well organized and consisted of numerous types of plastics, jigs, spinnerbaits and more. This was a huge donation of tackle from a single sponsor.  All twenty-two members present  took advantage of this generous donation and left with several bags of lures each.  It provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for our members that could not otherwise afford to stock up to replenish their tackle supplies. The Youth Committee also took advantage of the donation and claimed several pounds for our youth activities.  This donation will ultimately filter into the hands of hundreds of fishermen and women in our area.  We continue to be humbled by the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.  Thank You for supporting us.

New Members:  The LBC members present voted to accept the application of one new member presented by Ray Hillebrand.  The applicant was Mr. David Norwood of Leavenworth, KS.    Dave has been a long time sponsor of the LBC.  Welcome to the Club Dave!

Tournament Director’s Report: The Tournament Director, Ray Hillebrand reminded the members that still needed to provide him with their boats insurance policy prior to participating in the next tournament and asked everyone to get them in as soon as possible.  A drawing was conducted to determine launch order for the 23 and 24 March 2013 Table Rock buddy tournament the results are:

23 Mar



1.   Ray Hillebrand            Danny Lee


2. Jim Wyatt                    Frank Carroll


3. Larry Stoafer                Ken Hackworth


4. Steve Read                   Mark Justice


5. Mark Luna                    Garry Stephens


6. Lou Engler                    John Matthews


7. Mike Brooks                Bill Frederick


8. Randy Kenton               Ray Cates


9. Bob Jorgensen              Dave Clevenger


10. Bill Gevedon                Tom Baker


11. Dennis Edwards            Charlie Brown


12. Rich Pearl


13. Bob Greene                    Bill Horvath??


14. Steve Clark



24 March



1 Dennis Edwards                Charlie Brown


2. Travis Perrett


3. Ray Hillebrand                   Danny Lee


4. Mark Luna                        Garry Stephens


5. Randy Kenton                    Ray Cates


6. Jim Wyatt                        Frank Carroll


7. Mike Brooks                    Bill Frederick


8. Steve Read                       Mark Justice


9. Lou Engler                        John Matthews


10. Bill Gevedon                    Tom Baker


11. Bob Jorgensen                Dave Clevenger


12. Larry Stoafer                    Ken Hackworth


13. Rich Pearl


14. Bob Greene                    Bill Horvath??


15. Steve Clark

If you don’t have a partner and want to fish… Look at the list above and let someone know.


  • The Official Launch Ramp is Schooner Creek Resort Ramp
  • Take off is 0645 or safe light both days
  • This is a trailering tournament so you may launch anywhere on the lake
  • Off limits areas are Schooner Creek Resort Ramp and any gas dock.
  • Weigh-In on Saturday 23 March is 3 PM at Schooner Creek
  • Weigh-In on Sunday 24 March is 2 PM at Schooner Creek

Free Tournament Entry:  Steve Read was the lucky winner of one free tournament entry to be used in the 2013 season.

John Mathews was the winner of the cash door prize.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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Michael Martin Mike Brooks
Secretary President



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