June 2021 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 7th, 2021

2021 Officers

PresidentBob Greene(913) 240-4474
Vice-PresidentMike Brooks(913) 680-8721
TreasurerKen Hackworth(913) 240-4884
SecretaryBill Horvath(913) 306-1110
WebmasterBrent Goss(913) 775-2063
Youth CommitteeBill Horvath(913) 306-1110
Conservation DirectorEric Verburg(719) 332-1052
Member at LargeRay Cates(816) 588-8351
Member at LargeSteve Read(816) 646-9756
Tournament DirectorMark Luna(913) 683-0230
Tournament CommitteeMike Brooks(913) 680-8721
Tournament CommitteeRay Cates(816) 588-8351
Tournament CommitteeDennis Edwards(913) 683-3195
Tournament CommitteeBill Gevedon(913) 306-4198
Tournament CommitteeBob Greene(913) 240-4474
Tournament CommitteeBob Jorgensen(913) 683-1708
Tournament CommitteeDanny Lee(913) 683-2855
Tournament CommitteeCasey Wit(785) 218-1949

The next club meeting will be on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 at Larry Stoafer’s toy barn. The federal holiday will be celebrated on Monday.

The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/ If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster, Brent Goss.

Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held their meeting on June 7th at Larry Stoafer’s toy barn. Thank you, Larry very much for offering the location to our club members. There were 17 members present. The president was absent so the Vice-President called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary Report: All members are currently in good standing with BASS National and MOBASS.

Treasurer Report: LBC checking account beginning balance was $10,657.34 and the ending balance is $11,320.34.

Conservation Committee Report:

  • Eric is working on a project, potentially at Hillsdale Lake, planting water willow. Time frame will probably be in the September-October range. The organization he is dealing with is Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation.

Youth Director Report:

  • Thanks to John Matthews for helping at the Olathe KFD on June 5th. About 190 kids and lots of adults were there.
  • There is a kids’ derby in Topeka on July 17th (unfortunately the same day as the Mozingo tournament). Volunteers to help measure fish are needed.

Banquet Committee: Plans are underway to have a catered meal and hold drawings for $100 gift cards during our September meeting. More details will be available during the July meeting.

Webmaster Report: Brent has been busy updating the website.

Vice President Report: No report.

President Report:

  • Bob thanked Larry for hosting another LBC meeting.
  • The MOBASS Board of Directors met on 5 June 2021 at the Saint Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Hermitage Missouri. MOBASS President Jim Zieger called the meeting to order at 0900.
  • The Leavenworth Bass Club President, Bob Greene, represented the Leavenworth Bass Club at the meeting.
  • Upon completion of roll call, the secretary announced, clubs need to attend three of the four scheduled meetings in 2021 to maintain affiliation. LBC has attended three meetings and has met the requirement for 2021. The next MOBASS Meeting is 11 September.
  • The secretary reminded everyone that rosters submitted should be the ones printed from the BASS website that has all of the information on it. If you must submit a hand written roster, make sure that it includes all pertinent information. Club POC and phone number are essential on any correspondence to MOBASS. Deadline for additions to rosters was extended to 31 July 2021. Active Duty military can be added at any time.
  • MOBASS Secretary reviewed the minutes of the last meeting. MOBASS Treasurer presented the financial report. LBC Treasurer has a copy of that report if anyone wants to review it.
  • Old Business
    • Bill Lewis still has 340+ pairs of the Solar Bat sunglasses if anyone wants them. Glasses at $15 per pair and are available at any meeting, or MOBASS tournament.
    • The MOBASS classified page for members to sell fishing related items will be a Facebook marketplace page linked from the MOBASS website.
    • Jimmy Zieger was voted in as the Environmental Director for the reminder of the 2021 year. The title of this position will be changed to “Conservation Director to better align with BASS.
    • Weigh in Bags were not purchased; Jim Zieger and Bill Lewis will conduct further research.
  • New Business
    • Jim Zieger: Nominations will be accepted at the September meeting for MOBASS officer positions. If anyone is interested in serving on the MOBASS Board of Directors, a letter must be submitted prior to the September meeting.
    • Ron Hauser, Bob Greene, and Greg Voss discussed the 2021 MOBASS Scholarship program. The MOBASS budget funds two $1000 scholarships. The Scholarship committee solicited a third $1000 scholarship and other $500 scholarships. The motion was seconded, voted on and passed. Hayes Edwards and Allison Thompson (Bill Horvath’s granddaughter) each received $500 scholarships from MOBASS.
    • MOBASS is soliciting sponsors for the Scholarship program. Any business, club, or individual that donates $50 to the MOBASS scholarship fund will receive recognition for one year on the MOBASS Scholarship page to be added to the MOBASS Website.
    • Bill Lewis discussed the State Championship. The meeting locations is to be determined. Team entries are due at the September meeting. DO NOT mail or E-mail entries to MOBASS. One check per team, if your club does not fund the state team, members should pay the club and the club sends one check for the team. Each team can have one alternate boater and one alternate non-boater. No borrowing alternates from other clubs. MOBASS recommends a separate check for alternates. If the alternates are not used, then MOBASS will not cash the check, which will save clubs money.
  • A final call for any other new business met with negative results and Jim Zieger adjourned the meeting at 1115.

Fishing for Freedom: There were several issues concerning this year’s Fishing for Freedom that will be addressed by the Board of Directors.

Old Business: None

New Business:  The next meeting will be at Larry’s toy barn on July 6th, and hopefully the August meeting will be at the Rod & Gun club house on post, almost like normal times.

            New Members: None.

By-Law Changes: None.

New Equipment Report:  No report.

Outside Activities:

  • Congratulations to Ray Cates for qualifying to fish the BASS Nation National Championship later this year in West Monroe, LA at the Ouachita River. Ray fished the BASS Nation Central Regional Championship at Milford Lake in Junction City, KS. and finished 2nd overall missing the win by only 2 ounces.

Alibis: None.

Tournament Director:  Results of the Pomme de Terre tournaments are shown below:

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Buddy Tournament  
22 May 21
Total WeightPoints OnlyTourn. PointsGuide PointsBig Bass# Keeper Bass Caught
1JORGENSEN, BOB16.29 50.0 5.445
2STOAFER, LARRY14.01 49.0 3.915
4GREENE, BOB10.04 47.0 3.365
5CATES, RAY8.39 46.0 2.315
6EDWARDS, HAYES8.05 45.0 2.545
7KING, MATT7.90 44.0 2.325
8HACKWORTH, KEN7.85 43.0 1.855
9BROOKS, MIKE7.76 42.0 2.274
10VERBURG, ERIC5.59 41.0 2.043
11LUNA, MARK4.19
13CLARK, STEVE2.71 38.0  2
14WIT, CASEY2.56 37.0 1.542
15CARROLL, FRANK2.40 36.0  2
16READ, STEVE2.38 35.0 1.442
17GOSS, BRENT 1.27 34.0 1.271
18ARNDT, JEFF 2.033.5   
19WYATT, JIM 3.033.533.5  
 TOTAL FISH WEIGHT115.21    60
 STOAFER, LARRY3.912nd Boater BB 
 Co-Angler BB 
 2nd Co-Angler BB 

Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Buddy Tournament  
23 May 21
Total WeightPoints OnlyTourn. PointsGuide PointsBig Bass# Keeper Bass Caught
1GREENE, BOB13.94 50.0 3.255
3STOAFER, LARRY10.84 48.0 2.565
4EDWARDS, HAYES10.02 47.0 3.675
6JORGENSEN, BOB6.84 45.0 3.233
7READ, STEVE6.54 44.0 3.753
8HACKWORTH, KEN6.22 43.0  5
9SCHRANKEL, CHUCK5.42 42.010.0 4
10KING, MATT4.66 41.0  4
11CATES, RAY4.13 40.0 1.483
12LUNA, MARK3.24 39.038.0 2
13WIT, CASEY3.00 38.0 3.001
14BROOKS, MIKE2.43 37.0  2
15GOSS, BRENT 1.81 36.0 1.811
16ARNDT, JEFF 12.535.0   
17CLARK, STEVE 11.534.0   
18VERBURG, ERIC 2.533.0   
19CARROLL, FRANK  10.0   
 WYATT, JIM4.03Boater BB 
 READ, STEVE3.752nd Boater BB 
 Co-Angler BB 
 2nd Co-Angler BB 

Free Tournament Entry: The June lucky winner is John Matthews.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:43.

SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:

//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Bob Greene

Secretary                                                       President

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