June 2015 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


June 1st, 2015

2015 Officers

President: Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Vice-President Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254
Treasurer: Ken Hackworth (913) 240-4884
Secretary: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Webmaster: Brent Goss (913) 775-2063
Youth Director: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Members at Large: Bob Greene (913) 240-4474
Members at Large: Lou Engler (913) 888-7424
Tournament  Director Randy Kenton (913) 927-6777
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816) 588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913) 683-3195
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913) 683-1708
Tournament Committee Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254


The next regular club meeting will be on July 6th, 2015. We will be signing up for the Mozingo draw tournament.


The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/  if you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.


The General membership Meeting Minutes follow:


Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on the June 1st, 2015 at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 22 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. We signed up a new member, Nate Hunter. Nate is an active duty soldier working on Ft Leavenworth and should be here about 2-3 years. Nate is a boater but will fish as a co-angler at Truman.  Welcome, Nate.


Secretary’s Report:  The May newsletter was emailed to all members. The almost current roster is posted on the web site. The secretary report was approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:   Kenny reports that the club checking account had a starting balance of $3,712.43 and an ending balance of $4, 055.11. The Fishing for Freedom checking account had a beginning balance of $27,551.15 and ending balance of $28,477.4. PAYPAL account has a balance of $581.47. The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.


Conservation Committee Report: :  No report.


Youth Committee Report::

  • June 20th, Leavenworth City Commissioners KFD (in honor of Mel Hedrick) at Lamborne Farms. Will need about 4-8 volunteers. Show time is 0730 and we should be released around noon. Come out and rub shoulders with the Leavenworth City Council members.
  • No KFD at Cabela’s yet. The new marketing manager says there may be one later this summer. There are problems with the rock wall at their pond that need repaired.


Banquet Committee Report:  John will check several other places to see if there is a better deal for our January banquet. It was highly suggested he make the reservation at the Eagles so we have at least one place to use.


Webmaster Report:  Brent is still trying to get angler profiles.


If you have suggestions for the web site or need help or a password, contact Brent.


Vice President’s Report:  No report. If you have topics for presentation at the meetings, let Larry know.


President’s Report:  No report.


Old Business:  No report

New Business:  Travis discussed The KS Governor’s Fishing Classic scheduled for June 20th at Clinton lake. If anyone is interested in providing a guide boat, here’s the web page to register:http://www.kansaswildscape.org/Programs/node_369/Governor-s-Fishing-Classic-Registration

By-Law changes. None


New Members: Nate Hunter – welcome aboard. Shawn Smith was a guest.


New Equipment Report:  Bob Greene discussed a gadget called a “Wee-Go” which is a very small battery charger that almost fits in your pocket It’s capable of providing enough juice to start your car or big motor, plus recharge your cell phone, computer, etc.  It’s in the newest Ranger Boat catalog.


Outside Activities:

  • John mentioned that he used his coupon for a free oil change at Butler Muffler. Butler is a long time club sponsor.
  • Congratulations to Bill G and Larry for making the TBF state team by finishing in  the top 6 at the Mozingo  tournament. They will miss the Grand tournament with us and will be fishing in Mississippi at the TBF Regionals. Good luck to both of them.


MOBASS News: Steve asked if anyone would be attending the MOBASS quarterly meeting June 13th – see Steve for details if you can make it.


Tournament Director’s Report:. Randy discussed the almost tournament at Grand Lake of the Cherokees last weekend. With the water almost 12 feet above normal pool, most launch ramps flooded, and debris fields the size of Tightwad, Missouri, smarter folks moved the tournament to two lakes we had never fished before, Spavinaw (which is an Indian word meaning “Go away there’s no fish here” and Lake Eucha (which translates to “Danny’s Lake”)


Lake Spavinaw, Saturday, May 30th:

1st   Place:      Rich Pearl, 8.79 lbs, 2 fish, on lizards and black/blue jigs
2nd  Place:      Ray Cates, 8.21 lbs, 3 fish, in the grass
3rd   Place:     Dennis Edwards, 6.39 lbs, 3 fish, trick worms and red shad senkos in the grass

4th   Place:     Mark Luna, 5.90 lbs, 2 fish on Strike King Ochos
5th   Place:     Bob Jorgensen,5.48 lbs, 1 fish on a J-rig w/red shad Senko


Boater Big Bass:                  1st  Bob Jorgensen, 5.48 lbs           2nd  Rich Pearl, 5.14 lbs
Co Angler Big Bass:                        1st  Frank Carroll, 3.80 lbs               2nd  Ray Cates, 3.71 lbs

Lake Eucha, Sunday, May 31st:

1st  Place:       Danny Lee, 22.48 lbs, buzz bait, spinner bait, fluke, in the grass, shallow

2nd Place:       Jeff Sell, 8.75 lbs,  jig w/brush hog, shallow grass

3rd  Place:      Dennis Edwards, 7.35 lbs, buzz bait on main lake flats

4th  Place:      Brent Goss, 6.56 lbs, secret color tube no one else has, laydowns close to grass
4th  Place:      Ray Cates, 4.74 lbs,
5th Place:       Sam Morton, 5.09 lbs, football jigs
Boater Big Bass:                  1st, Brent Goss, 5.27 lbs                  2nd, Jeff Sell, 4.16 lbs
Co-angler Big Bass:                        1st, Danny Lee,  5.63 lbs                 2nd, Ray cates, 4.74 lbs



The next tournament will be a buddy tx at Truman Lake and/or Lake of the Ozarks, Trailering is allowed.  A decision will be made closer to the date and depends on whether or not the Corps is pulling water


Saturday, June 13th, Take off @ 5:15 AM or safe light. Weigh in @ either Long Shoal Corps Ramp or Drake’s Harbor @ 3:00 PM


1 Stephen Smith
2 Dennis Edwards Hayes Edwards
3 Bill Gevedon Bill Frederick
4 Mark Luna Ken Hackworth
5 Jeff Sell
6 Bob Jorgensen
7 Steve Read Nate Hunter
8 Brent Goss
9 Rich Pearl
10 Randy Kenton


Sunday, June 14th, Take off @ 5:15 AM or safe light. Weigh in @ either Long Shoal Corps Ramp or Drake’s Harbor @ 2:00 PM


1 Stephen Smith
2 Jeff Sell
3 Dennis Edwards Hayes Edwards
4 Steve Read Nate Hunter
5 Bill Gevedon Bill Frederick
6 Bob Jorgensen
7 Brent Goss
8 Mark Luna Ken Hackworth
9 Rich Pearl
10 Randy Kenton


The free tournament entry was won by Bill Horvath, and the $50.00 Gas Cards from Shoreline Fiberglass were won by Bob Jorgensen and Ray Cates.


There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM


SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Steve Read

Secretary                                                       President


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