February 2013 Newsletter/Minutes

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 4th, 2013


Mike Brooks



Steve Read



Ken Hackworth



Michael Martin



Travis Perret


Youth Director:

Bill Horvath


Members at Large:

Dave Clevenger

Bill Frederick

Tournament  Director

 Ray Hillebrand


Tournament Committee

     Bob Jorgensen

Rodney Bledsoe

Bill Gevedon

Dennis Edwards

Dave Clevenger


The next monthly Club meeting is on March 4th 2013, at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  The grills will be ready at 6:00 PM for you to cook your steaks, hamburgers or whatever you want to bring. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/.

For all of you that missed the February meeting, you missed a chance to win a free entry into a 2013 season tournament.  Just remember, you cannot affect any club decisions or win a free entry into a tournament, if you do not show up for the meetings!  Come early and join us around the bar.

The February 5th, 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes follows:


The Leavenworth Bass Club held its regular monthly meeting on February 4th at the Fort Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse.  There were 21 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes for the December 3rd 2012 general membership meeting were approved as written.  They were e-mailed to all members and were posted to the club website. The secretary’s report was accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $5329.81 and a current balance of $3543.15. The Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $7852.28 in the Fishing for Freedom account with a current balance of $8460.16.  The Fishing for Freedom PayPal account has a current balance of $ 448.81. The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Conservation Committee:  The Conservation committee Lead, Dan Senterfit, reported that he has mailed off approximately 13 pounds of used soft plastics to Whopper Baits and in turn Whopper baits has sent reconditioned soft plastics baits back to the LBC, for use in the Banquet and to NWMSU Fishing Club. Dan stated that this conservation project was going extremely well and asked that all members continue to give their used soft plastic baits to him.

Dan further mentioned that the LBC discount code was: LEAVEBASS and was good for 30% off Whopper Bait products. (This info will be posted on the LBC website)

Youth Committee:  The Youth Committee Lead, Bill Horvath, stated that there would be a Casting Kids event at Cabelas Outdoor World KC on 17 February.  He would like to have some more volunteers to work the event and also set up a F3 table to solicit possible volunteers and Warriors. Bill stated that the show time for volunteers would be 1130 hours, with the event starting at 1230 hours and lasting till 1500 hours.  Cabelas will offer the Employee discount and purchase lunch for all volunteers.

Bill mentioned that the NWMSU fishing club has received the lures from Whopper Baits and was thankful.  Bill mentioned going to the next meeting and will ask LBC members for ideas or presentations to give them at the meeting.   Bill mentioned a College Fishing event at Mozingo that the NWMSU would be participating in and that boaters were needed to support the event, more information to follow.  Bill also mentioned that the NWMSU has asked for a period of instruction set up in a 15 minute round robin style instruction to be held on the 2nd of April.  This could be instruction on knot tying, lure presentation or any other presentation that could be given in 15 minutes to a small group.  Bill mentioned that Bass Pro Shops is having their Spring Classic weekend just after the Bass Master Classic weekend and asked about setting up a table for the club and/or F3.

Banquet Committee:  Banquet Committee Lead, Steve Read reported that:  The LBC had its annual awards banquet at the American Legion in Leavenworth on Jan 26 2013.  Following a happy hour and fine buffet dinner, we recognized guest and sponsors as well as presented awards to the top 10 members for 2012, and Mike Brooks as the Sportsman of the Year.  There were 65 attendees consisting of 43 members with guest and 22 additional sponsors and their guests.  Bass Pro Shop in Olathe donated Tournament Angler jackets, which were embroidered by Leavenworth Embroidery.  Cabelas donated a spinning rod and reel plus a soft sided tackle bag.

Ours guests included MO-BASS president Jim Zieger and his wife Jodi, Todd Blanchard and Scott Ollendick from Bass Pro Shops, Frank and Ryan Nash from Franks Marine, Ben Price from Cabelas, Travis Brooks and guest from Smithville Marine.  Printed Certificates were presented to the 2012 sponsors and officers as well as the Chairpersons.

Michael Brooks was selected as the Sportsman of the Year.

President Mike Brooks read a letter that he received from MO-BASS complimenting the LBC on a great year and great Banquet.

Steve Read mentioned that Bass Pro Shops Olathe did seem more interested in the F3 program and may support F3 more this year.

*It was mentioned that next year’s banquet should fall on the same weekend as this year’s banquet as to not interfere with the MLK Holliday weekend in January.

Webmaster: Travis Perret was asked to place the Discount Codes that LBC receives to the web site on a “member only” page, and also the Club Fishing Journal that Dan Senterfitt has volunteered to write.  IT captures the patterns and most productive techniques from each tournament.  This information was recommended for addition as a new feature on the web site in a place that is accessible to members and guest.  Travis was also asked to place Youth fishing information, prepared by Bill Horvath on the web site as well.  Travis stated that this would be done.

Vice President’s report: No Report.

President’s Report:  Club President Mike Brooks presented a certificate to Tournament Committee member Dennis Edwards for his work on the 2012 tournament committee.

Larry Stoafer gave a MO-BASS report and stated that at the last MO-BASS meeting it was mentioned that the state dues may increase next year due to expenditures.  MO-BASS is also looking at other ways they can decrease their expenditure’s so that an increase in dues may not be necessary.  Mike also stated that we are no longer known as the Bass Federation Nation, but now known as simply the Bassmaster Nation.  This is due to FLW also using the work Federation in some of their functions.

Larry also mentioned that the rooms for the state qualifier next year had been reserved and that there would be a Skeeter Boat raffle at the qualifier as well. Larry also mentioned that with MO-BASS affiliation, there are many discounts that are offered to club members, some of those are as follows; Culprit Baits, Solar Bat sunglasses, Carbon X rods (A Missouri Based Company) and Power pole shallow water anchors, just to name a few.  Members are encouraged to seek out and use these discounts as it helps MO-BASS and the Bassmaster Nation.

Mike Brooks also mention that MO-BASS has discounts on club jerseys and that if anyone was interested to let him know, the discount is ½ off the regular price, which range from $80 to $120.  These Jerseys would have all of the MO-BASS sponsors on the front as well as the member’s name.

Mike further mentioned a MO-BASS Spring Fling Bass Tournament on Pomme Do Terre Lake in April and passed out a flyer on the event.

Fishing For Freedom:  Larry Stoafer, F3 Lead, mentioned that F3 is now a Limited Liability Corporation and that this paperwork has been received. Larry stated that this year’s event is on track and going strong, he stated that F3 has received a lot of financial backing and sponsorship.  Larry mentioned that F3 sponsored by the LBC has spun off two other F3 events, one in Illinois and another in Louisiana.  It was mentioned that former member Mike Rasco was organizing an F3 event on Toledo Bend for March 15th and 16th and asked for assistance from the LBC in the form of Boaters.

Old Business:  None.  


New Business:  Rodney Bledsoe read a letter that he received from the Wounded Marine that LBC members donated Fishing gear to.  The Marine was very appreciative of the items and mentioned that it will assist him in his recovery.

Travis Perett mentioned that the Topeka Fishing Expo was going to be this weekend and that he was giving a seminar on pain free fishing if anyone wanted to attend.

Ray Hillebrand brought items donated by Bass Minder and asked everyone to look at them.  These items were donated for the F3 event in October.  These items can be purchased at Bass Pro and/or Cabelas, or at www.bassminder.com.

*The Members in attendance voted for Tournament Shirts, donated by Bass Pro or Cabelas and embroidered by Leavenworth embroidery to be the 2013 year end tournament awards.

New Members:  There were three new members voted in at the meeting.  These are:  Lou Engler of Lenexa KS, Stephen Smith of Basehor KS, and Nick Parker or Leavenworth KS.  Welcome to the Club.

Tournament Director’s Report:

 Table Rock Tournament:  The Tournament Director, Ray Hillebrand, announced that there were several members that still needed to provide him with their boats insurance policy prior to the first tournament and asked everyone to get them in as soon as possible.

John Mathews mentioned that every boater should check their emergency equipment, specially the Fire Extinguisher for serviceability.  Inspections were conducted by the Water Patrol at lakes we are going to fish this year and we don’t want to be caught short.

Dennis Edwards was asked to and gave a description of the presentation that he used at the November Table Rock tournament.  He stated that he fished deep docks with 1/4oz Jig and 1/8oz shaky head senko.

Free Tournament Entry:  Travis Perret was the lucky winner of one free tournament entry to be used in the 2013 season.

There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:08 PM.

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Michael Martin Mike Brooks
Secretary President



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