Feb 2021 Minutes

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 1st, 2021

2020 Officers

PresidentBob Greene(913)-240-4474
Vice-PresidentMike Brooks(913)-680-8721
TreasurerKen Hackworth(913)-240-4884
SecretaryBill Horvath(913)-306-1110
WebmasterBrent Goss(913-775-2063
Youth CommitteeBill Horvath(913)-306-1110
Conservation DirectorEric Verburg(719)-332-1052
Member at LargeRay Cates(816)-588-8351
Member at LargeSteve Read(816)-646-9756
Tournament DirectorMark Luna(913)-683-0230
Tournament CommitteeMike Brooks(913)-680-8721
Tournament CommitteeRay Cates(816)-588-8351
Tournament CommitteeDennis Edwards(913)-683-3195
Tournament CommitteeBill Gevedon(913)-306-4198
Tournament CommitteeBob Greene(913)-240-4474
Tournament CommitteeBob Jorgensen(913)-683-1708
Tournament CommitteeDanny Lee(913)-683-2855
Tournament CommitteeCasey Wit(785)-218-1949

The next club meeting will be on Monday, March 1st, 2021 at Larry Stoafer’s toy barn.

The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/ If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the new Webmaster, Brent Goss.

Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held their meeting on February 1st at Larry Stoafer’s toy barn. Thank you, Larry very much for offering the location to our club members. There were 22 (WOW) members and 1 guest present. The President called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary Report: All members currently are in good standing with BASS National and MOBASS.

Treasurer Report: LBC checking account beginning balance was $11,460.97 and the ending balance is $10,444.60.

Conservation Committee Report:

  • Eric has not been able to get in touch with Wopper Baits to see if they are still processing our used plastics.
  • He is still talking with KDWP ref conservation project to put Georgia Cubes possibly in Hillsdale Lake. More info to follow

Youth Director Report: No report.

Banquet Committee:

  • See the attachment from the Banquet Chairman ref the 2020 banquet.
  • The awards for 2020 are shown here:

                        BIG BASS:

                        3RD      Ray Cates – 5.60 Pounds

                        2ND      Casey Wit – 5.80 Pounds

                        1ST       Frank Carroll – 6.08 Pounds

                        ROOKIE OF THE YEAR                 Chuck Schrankel

                        CO ANGLER OF THE YEAR         Ray Cates

                        GUIDE OF THE YEAR                    Dennis Edwards

                        TOP 10:

                                    10TH    Mark Luna

                                    9TH       Randy Kenton

                                    8TH         Chuck Schrankel

                                    7TH       Larry Stoafer

                                    6TH       Rich Pearl

                                    5TH       Mike Brooks

                                    4TH       Hayes Edwards

                                    3RD      Ray Cates

                                    2ND      Dennis Edwards

                  ANGLER OF THE YEAR    Bob Jorgensen

                  The Sportsman of the Year was announced. The two finalists were Bob                      Greene and Bill Gevedon. Congratulations to Bill Gevedon.

Webmaster Report: Brent Goss has volunteered to be the new webmaster.

Vice President Report: No report.

President Report:

  • Bob thanked Larry for hosting another LBC meeting.
  • The rest of the president’s report is in the attachment, along with a flyer from MOBASS.
  • Please review the attachment ref a proposed rule change for the MO. State tournament. We’ll discuss it at the March meeting.

Fishing for Freedom: No report.

Old Business: No report.

New Business:  No report.

            New Members: John Matthews introduced his friend, Dennis Taylor as a potential new member. Dennis was reminded that if he wanted to fish Table Rock in March, he needs to join before then.

By-Law Changes: None.

New Equipment Report:  Kenny reported that he has upgraded his Ranger with a 175 HP Mercury engine.

Outside Activities:  No report.

Alibis: None.

Tournament Director:  The results of the December Table Rock tournament are shown here:

Table Rock, Saturday, December 12th, 2020
1stMike Brooks513.93 
2ndBob Jorgensen512.62 
3rdHayes Edwards511.98 
4thLarry Stoafer511.24 
5thRay Cates410.67 
1stMike Brooks5.02 
2ndRay Cates4.09
1stThe co-anglers agreed to a single big bass pot.  

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