Feb 2018 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


February 5th, 2018


2018 Officers


President Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Vice-President Randy Kenton (913)-927-6777
Treasurer Ken Hackworth (913)-240-4884
Secretary Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Webmaster Brent Goss (913)-775-2063
Youth Committee Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Conservation Director Eric Verburg (719)-332-1052
Members at Large Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Members at Large Stephen Smith (785)-304-0587
Tournament  Director Mark Luna (913)-683-0230
Tournament Committee Mike Brooks (913)-680-8721
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913)-683-3195
Tournament Committee Bill Gevedon (913)-306-4198
Tournament Committee Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913)-683-1708
Tournament Committee Danny Lee (913)-683-2855
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913)-240-5254


The next club meeting will be March 5th.


The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/  if you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.


Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on February 5th at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 19 members present. The President called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Secretary Report:  The January 2018 newsletter was emailed to all current members and posted on the web site. The Secretary’s report was approved as read.


Treasurer Report:  LBC checking account beginning balance is $7,212.23 and the ending balance is $5,551.60. The Fishing For Freedom beginning balance is $13,250.81and the ending balance is $14,640.81. Pay Pal account has $96.80. The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.


Conservation Committee Report:

  • Eric reported that we have received the Mossback fish habitat and we plan on putting them in Banner Creek on March 10th, with a backup date of March 17th. He needs about 4-5 people to assist him.


Youth Director Report:

  • The NWMSU Fishing Club held their fund raiser/buffet at the Hy-Vee grocery store in Maryville on January 19th.  Thanks to Steve Read for representing the club.


  • The next Bearcat Open is scheduled at Mozingo for April 14th, unfortunately the same weekend of our Stockton tournament. If any members want to fish it, contact me for details.


Banquet Committee: Mike Brooks asked that if any members have comments or suggestions from the banquet, please contact him. Mike did another outstanding job – Thanks Mike !!!


Webmaster Report: Brent has added the latest newsletter.


Vice President Report: None.


President Report:  

  • Bob reported on his attendance at the MOBASS meeting on January 20th. One of the main issues discussed was the use of non-penetrating cull tags. According to Bob, “A.S.S. has adopted a non-penetrating cull tag rule. Rule applies at the national level and includes non-penetrating cull tags, non-penetrating cull beams, and non-penetrating scales. Expect this new rule to be adopted by all state B.A.S.S. Nation organizations. MOBASS will follow suit in all MOBASS tournaments”. The club members discussed this issue and will wait on the tournament committee to figure out what our club will do. There is no current plan to adapt this rule for our 2018 tournament year.


  • The notes from the meeting can be found at the end of this newsletter.


Fishing for Freedom:  None


Old Business:  None


New Business:

  • Steve Read offered to consolidate an order for the newest club tournament jerseys like the ones awarded at the banquet. The jerseys will have you name on the front and your last name across the back, along with the current sponsors’ logos. Long sleeve jerseys will be approx $48.75 and short sleeves about 5 bucks less. Shipping cost will depend on how many shirts are ordered. If you are interested, contact Steve as soon as possible. His deadline is Monday, 10:00 am February 12th.


  • The club members present discussed using the generous donation by Shoreline Boat & RV Repair to help buy new tournament scales. Since this will guarantee Mark will be the tournament director for another 2 years, the club voted to purchase them. A big thanks to Shoreline for their donation.


New Members:  Welcome to Noah Skolnick. Noah is a junior in high school and has been fishing tournaments in his boat for several years. He plans to fish as a co-angler initially.  Welcome Noah!!!


New Equipment Report:

  • We discussed possible cull systems that meet the new BASS requirement. Larry offered to provide a bag system built by an acquaintance, that replaces cull tags. He will bring some to the next meeting.


  • Another one discussed was the T-H Marine G-Force Conservation Cull System. The website says is should be available at Tackle Warehouse around February 14th.


Outside Activities:

  • Nine club members attended the Bass University in Tulsa, OK 2 weekends ago. Elite Pros that gave talks included Fred Roumbanis, John Crews, Jason Christie, Jeff Kreit, James Elam & the 2017 Classic winner, Jordan Lee. Good information and another opportunity to buy more tackle.
  • Roger Umbarger will give a hands on demo on Lowrance electronics at Bass Pro in Independence on February 21st and at Olathe on February 22nd. He suggested bringing your Lowrance unit and he can update them with the latest software. (I’m checking to find out which models are covered by that).


Alibis:  Mark mentioned that some of the small tournament schedule cards passed out at the banquet had an incorrect date for the July Mozingo tournament. The correct date is the 28th.


Tournament Director:

Table Rock Tournament Results


Table Rock, Saturday, December 9th, 2017
1st Bob Greene 5 11.97 Rock Crawlers & Warts
2nd Jeff Sell 5 11.04 Rock Crawlers
3rd Dennis Edwards 5 10.44 ?
4th Bob Jorgensen 5 10.33 Red Rock Crawlers
5th Carl Chasteen 3 9.42 Rock Crawlers & crank baits






Table Rock, Saturday, December 9th, 2017 Big Bass
1st Jeff Sell 3.71  
2nd Mike Brooks 4.19
1st Carl Chasteen 4.78  
2nd Ray Cates 2.40


Table Rock, Sunday, December 10th, 2017
1st Dennis Edward 5 16.03  
2nd Mark Luna 5 11.89  
3rd Garrett Cates 5 11.14  
4th Hayes Edwards 5 10.79  
5th Bob Greene 5 10.02  



Table Rock, Sunday, December 10th, 2017 Big Bass
1st Dennis Edwards 5.18  
2nd Bill Gevedon 3.05
1st Bill Horvath 3.46  
2nd Hayes Edwards 2.51


The free tournament entry was won by Bob Jorgensen


There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50


Randy Kenton discussed the relationship between oxygen and fish care. Good information and we will try to get it scanned and posted on the club website.  Thanks for sharing, Randy.


SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Bob Greene

Secretary                                                       President


Missouri B.A.S.S. Nation Directors Meeting

10AM – 2PM Saturday January 20, 2018

American Legion Hall, Columbia, MO


President’s Report:

All Board Members (Officers) of MOBASS were retained in office for the two year term beginning in 2018. Vice President declared this term will be his last due to the fact that he will be 69 years old at the end of this term. President requests clubs to identify members that may want to serve at the state level. Members can volunteer to shadow current officers in order to be groomed to take over a position.


MOBASS will publish 1 issue of the News Letter this year, expect it to be a spring/summer edition. Jim Zieger needs content for the newspaper in the form of articles, flyers or advertisements for events such as open tournaments, kids events, conservation, F3, Fishing Future, etc. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018; e-mail directly to Jim Zieger at: president@MOBASS.com


Any MOBASS member that is interested in a new Triton Boat should consider purchasing it through the alliance program which is a fully rigged Triton, Mercury, Lowrance, Motorguide package at a discount through the Silver Team program +$1000 rebate. Contact Jim Zieger BEFORE signing a contract with a boat dealer.


MOBASS Raffle: MOBASS will conduct a raffle again this year $10 per ticket winner gets choice of an AR15 or $1000. Gift Card. Tickets will be available at the April meeting.

Environmental Director’s Report: Robert Troumbley


** B.A.S.S. has adopted a non-penetrating cull tag rule. Rule applies at the national level and includes non-penetrating cull tags, non-penetrating cull beams, and non-penetrating scales. Expect this new rule to be adopted by all state B.A.S.S. Nation organizations. MOBASS will follow suit in all MOBASS tournaments**


A good fish fizzing video has been posted on the MOBASS website. Type Fizz in the search box or Youtube link:



Keep an eye on House Bill which will allow homeowners on LOZ to declare no wake zones and post no fishing signage on docks. HB 1591


Flyers for the 3 Open Buddy Tournaments are on the MOBASS website and FB page and also available from me. The State Tournament will be at Table Rock Oct.

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The LBC web page will be going down periodically between 2000 hrs 23 July and 0800 hrs 24 July for maintenance. Thanks for understanding....