August 2018 newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


August 6th, 2018


2018 Officers

President Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Vice-President Randy Kenton (913)-927-6777
Treasurer Ken Hackworth (913)-240-4884
Secretary Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Webmaster Brent Goss (913)-775-2063
Youth Committee Bill Horvath (913)-306-1110
Conservation Director Eric Verburg (719)-332-1052
Members at Large Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Members at Large Stephen Smith (785)-304-0587
Tournament Director Mark Luna (913)-683-0230
Tournament Committee Mike Brooks (913)-680-8721
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816)-588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913)-683-3195
Tournament Committee Bill Gevedon (913)-306-4198
Tournament Committee Bob Greene (913)-240-4474
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913)-683-1708
Tournament Committee Danny Lee (913)-683-2855
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913)-240-5254



The next club meeting will be September 4th, Tuesday!!!


The website is located at the following address: If you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.


Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on August 6th at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 19 members present. The President called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Welcome back, Bob !!



Secretary Report:

  • The May 2018 newsletter was emailed to all current members and posted on the web site. The Secretary’s report was approved as read.
  • An updated email and mail roster were sent to all members. If you need to send anything too all members, please use them.
  • Raffle tickets for the MOBASS AR-15 or 1000 bucks are still available.
  • Thanks to Brett Ware for the unbelievable BBQ dinner he provided to our members before the Mozingo tournament.


Treasurer Report:  LBC checking account beginning balance was $6,567.72 and the ending balance is $6,827.72. The Fishing for Freedom account beginning balance was $43,014.83 and the ending balance is $47,014.96. the Pay Pal account has $96.80. The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.


Conservation Committee Report:  Eric requests volunteers to help place 45 Georgia Cubes in Hillsdale Lake on September 22nd.  More details at the September meeting.


Youth Director Report: Expect support to ramp up for the NWMSU fishing club as school starts in mid-August.


Banquet Committee: Mike Brooks says everything is on track. Please give some thought to what the award will be for this year’s top 10 and the other categories.


Webmaster Report: Brent has updated the web site.


Vice President Report:  None.


President Report:  Bob wanted to thank all the members and friends for their support to both he and Jennifer after their accident.


Fishing for Freedom:  Larry reported no major issues in planning, except as usual, we need more boaters. Currently there 285 warriors signed up bur the number are expected to drop as we get closer to the October date.


Old Business:  None


New Business:  None.


New Members:  None


New Equipment Report:  None


Outside Activities: Larry Stoafer will be fishing in the FLW championship in Arkansas the second weekend in august. We all wish him success.


Alibis: None

Tournament Director:

 Tournament Results


Mozingo, Saturday, July 28th, 2018
1st Garrett Cates 5 17.72 In brush, 6” Ocho
2nd Steve Read 5 17.38 Black/blue jig, on wood, shallow
3rd Dennis Edwards 5 17.27 10” “tomato color” worm on deep trees
4th Mike Brooks 5 15.10 Very shallow
5th Rich Pearl 5 13.02 Rage Craw in brush



Big Bass
1st Steve Read 5.28  
2nd Dennis Edwards 4.96
1st Hayes Edwards 3.85  
2nd Ray Cates 3.78


Grand Lake Tournament, August 11th –12th, 2018


1st session August 11th, 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM


All Weigh ins at Martin’s Landing


BOAT # Boater Co Angler
1 Dennis Edwards Ray Cates
2 Mike Brooks  
3 Steve Read Brent Goss
4 Bill Gevedon Mark Stadel
5 Eric Verburg  
6 Garret Cates  
7 Mark Luna Danny Lee
8 Randy Kenton  
9 Stephen Smith  






2nd session 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM


BOAT # Boater Co Angler
1 Dennis Edwards Ray Cates
2 Mike Brooks Tom Baker
3 Steve Read Brent Goss
4 Bill Gevedon Mark Stadel
5 Eric Verburg  
6 Garret Cates  
7 Mark Luna Danny Lee
8 Randy Kenton  
9 Stephen Smith  




3rd session August 12th, 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM


BOAT # Boater Co Angler
1 Randy Kenton  
2 Mark Luna Danny Lee
3 Garret Cates  
4 Eric Verburg  
5 Bill Gevedon Mark Stadel
6 Steve Read Brent Goss
7 Mike Brooks Tom Baker
8 Dennis Edwards Ray Cates
9 Stephen Smith  



The free tournament entry was won by Mike Rasco.


The Smithville Marine gift certificate were won by Kenny hackworth


There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:01



SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


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Bill Horvath                                                   Bob Greene

Secretary                                                       President

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