April 2015 Newsletter

Leavenworth Bass Club

Newsletter and General Membership Meeting Minutes


April 6th, 2015

2015 Officers

President: Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Vice-President Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254
Treasurer: Ken Hackworth (913) 240-4884
Secretary: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Webmaster: Brent Goss (913) 775-2063
Youth Director: Bill Horvath (913) 306-1110
Members at Large: Bob Greene (913) 240-4474
Members at Large: Lou Engler (913) 888-7424
Tournament  Director Randy Kenton (913) 927-6777
Tournament Committee Ray Cates (816) 588-8351
Tournament Committee Dennis Edwards (913) 683-3195
Tournament Committee Bob Jorgensen (913) 683-1708
Tournament Committee Steve Read (816) 233-8474
Tournament Committee Larry Stoafer (913) 240-5254

The next regular club meeting will be on May 4th, 2015. We will be signing up for the Grand tournament.

The website is located at the following address: http://theleavenworthbassclub.org/  if you need assistance signing up for the forum, contact the webmaster.

The General membership Meeting Minutes follow:

Welcome: The Leavenworth Bass Club held its monthly meeting on the 6th of April, 2015 at the Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club.  There were 18 members present. The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report:  The current member roster and email lists were sent out this month. Please check your information and if anything is not correct, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Treasurer’s Report:   Kenny reports that the club checking account had a starting balance of $2,520.82 and an ending balance of $2829.23. The Fishing for Freedom checking account had a beginning balance of $26,323.80 and ending balance of $27,496.15. PAYPAL account was unchanged with a balance of $96.27. The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Conservation Committee Report: :  No report

Youth Committee Report::  The NWMSU collegiate team of Andrew Nordbye and Adam Almohtadi led the FLW Collegiate Fishing open on Kentucky lake after day one with #25 pounds and finished 4th with 41.15 pounds. Garrett Cates and his partner
finished 22nd with 26.12 pounds, fishing for the Kansas State team.

Casting Kids At Cabela’s: Bill Horvath, Dan Senterfitt and Charlie Jorgensen, with four Rod and Gun Club members and six NWMSU students represented LBC on March 29th.

There are several volunteer opportunities in the next few months. If you can  support any of these events, please contact Bill or Larry:

  • Earth Day at the Topeka Zoo on April 18th,  9:00 to 3:00.
  • Leavenworth City fishing derby on May 9th, 8:00 till 12:00. 80 Acres Lake.
  • Rod and Gun Club kids fishing derby, May 16th, 8:30 till 11:00 at Smith Lake on post, IF the lake stops leaking and fish are stocked in time. See Larry for more details.
  • 5-23-2015 Project SAFE fishing derby for folks with disabilities on May 23rd, 9:00 till 12:00. Same comment about the lake on post.

Banquet Committee Report:  No report


Webmaster Report:  Brent will try to get updates posted quicker on the website, to include highlights from the after meeting presentations. Angler Profiles need to be forwarded to Brent for posting.


If you have suggestions for the web site, need help or a password, contact Brent.


Vice President’s Report:  Larry reports that Table Rock is beginning to catch fire. Will be lots of boats on water during our tournament (a check today shows a total of 435 for Sunday, April 25th and 227 for Sunday.
Still Need 2 or 3 boats for the Rod and Gun club fishing tourney April 12 at Banner Creek. 5.00 entry fee.
Still have MO-Bass tickets for Sale.


Check out the discounts available from sponsors on our members area.  This is a great way to show support for our sponsors.
Larry reminded everyone of the LBC and MOBASS sponsor benefits. The current list and access procedures were forwarded to Brent for posting on the website.


President’s Report:  We are accepting orders for our new shirts, with the new sponsors on them.  We need at least 12 shirts to meet the minimum  for a price break.  The price will be $60.00 to $66.00 plus art work and shipping per shirt.


The MO-Bass meeting will be at the Lighthouse Marina on April 18th.  The Spring Fling will follow on Sunday.   $100.00 entry.  Steve plans to represent the club.  A vote will be taken by the member clubs to determine the 2015 Regional format which will in 2016 be a 10 boater format with 10 co-anglers of which each group will compete against each other . As it is now, 13 anglers advance, which is a mixture of boaters and co anglers.  After discussion, our club unanimously voted to accept for 2015 the new format.
Old Business: Fishing for freedom: Things are rolling along very well.  Larry states that he can always use more volunteers.

New Business:  Travis presented something new being started in Kansas, regarding WildScape in youth outdoors activities.  These can be accessed on www.getoutdoorskansas.com.  It highlights trails with GPS coordinates as well as activities scheduled.

By-Law changes. No report

New Members: Chip Mezzaline signed up as a non-boater . Chip is active duty military and will fish with us at Table Rock.  Welcome to  the LBC, Chip.

New Equipment Report:  None.

Outside Activities:  None

Tournament Director’s Report: Randy wants proof of insurance on file for all boaters, and will start monitoring this so no lapses occur. Please turn in a copy to him soonest.
Results from Stockton, Saturday, March 28th :

1st   Place:      Rich Pearl, 12.59 lbs, caught on Ned Rigs and Wobble Heads
2nd  Place:      Mark Luna, 11.37 lbs, mostly on Wiggle Warts on chunk rock banks
3rd   Place:     Randy Kenton, 11.01 lbs, his fish hit in water 20 ft deep on a football jig

4th   Place:     Sam Morton  had 9.71 lbs on Wiggle Warts
5th   Place:     Bob Greene had  9.50 lbs on flat secondary points, Orleans Trail area.
Boater Big Bass:     1st, Randy Kenton 5.31 lbs            2nd , Rich Pearl 4.27 lbs
Co Angler Big Bass:            1st ,Dave Clevenger  3.54 lbs         2nd, Bill Frederick 2.33 lbs

Stockton, Sunday, March 29th:

1st  Place:       Larry Stoafer, 13.06 lbs, secondary point near spawning pocket
2nd Place:       Eric Verburg, 7.21 lbs,  PB&J Ned Rig (great job in your 1st tournament with us)
3rd  Place:      Rich Pearl,  5.95 lbs on a Wobble Head
4th  Place:      Bill Fredericks,  5.14 lbs, channel swing gravel points, Biffle Bug 15 to 20 ft.
5th Place:      Mark Luna  3.80 lbs
Boater Big Bass:     1st, Larry Stoafer  6.55 lbs               2nd, Sam Morton, 2.55 lbs
Co-angler big bass: 1st, Bill Fredericks,   2.70 lbs                      2nd, Danny Lee 2.55 lbs



The next tournament will be a buddy tx at Table Rock, April 25th & 26th. Trailering is allowed.

Saturday, April 25th Take off @ 6:00 AM or safe light.

Weigh in @ Schooner Creek @ 3:00 PM

1 Sam Morton Hayes Edwards
2 Larry Stoafer
3 Steve Read Chip Mezzaline
4 Randy Kenton John Matthews
5 Bob Greene
6 Bob Jorgensen Lou Engler
7 Bill Horvath Rodney Bledsoe
8 Frank Carroll
9 Dennis Edwards Ray Cates
10 Bill Gevedon Ray Hillebrand
11 Mike Brooks Bill Frederick
12 Mark  Luna Garry Stephens
13 Ken Hackworth Danny Lee
14 Jeff Sell

Sunday, April 26th, Take off @ 6:00 AM or safe light.

Weigh in @ Schooner Creek @ 2:00 PM

1 Frank Carroll
2 Mike Brooks Bill Frederick
3 Randy Kenton John Matthews
4 Bill Gevedon Ray Hillebrand
5 Mark  Luna Garry Stephens
6 Sam Morton Hayes Edwards
7 Rich Pearl
8 Bill Horvath Rodney Bledsoe
9 Jeff Sell
10 Dennis Edwards Ray Cates
11 Bob Jorgensen Lou Engler
12 Bob Greene
13 Larry Stoafer
14 Ken hackworth Danny Lee
15 Steve Read Chip Mezzaline



The free tournament entry was won by Dan Senterfitt.

$50.00 Gas Cards from Shoreline Fiberglass were won by Stephan Smith and  Rich Pearl

$25.00 gift certificates from Burton’s Bait & Tackle were won by Steve Read & Bob Jorgensen.
There being no further official business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 PM

SUBMITTED BY:                                          APPROVED BY:


//s//                                                                  //S//

Bill Horvath                                                   Steve Read

Secretary                                                       President


After the official meeting ended, Bob Jorgensen gave a presentation on sight fishing.  Bob as usual put on a very informative presentation in regards to sight fishing, as well as the spawn at Table Rock. This included his many years of his fishing logs in regards to spawn data and lake levels as well as temperatures.  White and Chartreuse tipped Gitzit tubes are his all around choice for visibility for the angler to see, or, to drag it in and around the beds by drop shotting.  All the time looking for the sweet spot in the bed and watching the attitude of the fish.  Another favorite was a hula grub in pearl color. Be mindful that when site fishing the instant the bait disappears, set the hook as these fish are moving the bait out of the nest and are not picking it up and running with it to eat it. Keep the baits small and compact, as this should help your hook up rate. Bob also recommended using a green  pumpkin senko-type bait, tipped with chartreuse.
The site presentations present challenges with line size preferences in the 6 to 10 pound categories for the applications and line should be checked often for frays having been under and around docks and walkways.  He also acknowledged the split shot on the gravel pockets and secondary points adjacent to spawning area. The Ned Rig was additionally mentioned. Due to moon phase and conditions this year should set up as one, with many fish in all phases.  Pre spawn , spawn ,and post spawn. This could be a tournament separated by mere ounces, but should be productive.

Larry gave a second presentation on swim baits. He brought a different venue to the table addressing the pre or post spawn fish as well as those fish that spawn deeper. Catching 5 buck males isn’t going to win tournaments so consider the fish that are either moving in to spawn or those moving out that are still close to beds. Targeting the last channel swing next to the pockets or the backs where the rock transitions from pea gravel to chunk. Possible baits that are worth consideration are Spooks or red fins on top water, or 4.5 to5 inch swim baits which he slow rolls on the bottom with 15 # Fluorocarbon, and exposed hooks with 1/2 ounce or larger jig heads. when you feel the bite on these just keep reeling until the fish load up and then swing.

These programs are fantastic for those who attend and certainly should elevate the desire to achieve better results every time out.
Thanks to  both Bob and Larry.


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