Travis Perret Wins At Lake of the Ozarks


Z-Man Prostaffers Earn Victory at Lake of the Ozarks

Travis Perret and Casey Kidder won the Kansas Buddy Bass tournament July 21st at Lake of the Ozarks/Bledsoe Ferry. Thirty-three teams were entered. The Z-Man pros weighed in 13lbs, 10oz on a tough day with triple digit temps and single digit bites. The pair reported catching 7 keepers on the day.

How They Did It

Slow was the key word for the day, and the pair attributed the buoyancy of Z-Man’s Elaztech plastic to give them the edge. They had located an early morning shad bite in a small cove. The fish were feeding on tiny shad at first light. They started off using a shortened clear/silver flake Z-Man ZinkerZ on a 1/16 ounce  jighead to mimic the small shad the bass were feeding on, a combo that had scored a 3.5 pounder for them in practice.

Although the ZinkerZ enticed numbers of fish, they found that a black buzzbait with a Z-Man CrawdadZ rigged as a trailer would get bigger keeper bites. The bulk and buoyancy of the CrawdadZ trailer allowed them to crawl the buzzbait super slow and they discovered that was the key to getting the better bites.

The shad bite was short-lived however, but they were in good shape with four keepers in the livewell and the sun just peeking over the treetops. There is no shortage of docks on Lake of the Ozarks, and they had discovered a solid dock pattern once the bass positioned themselves under the docks to escape the sun.

They used a junebug Z-Man 10” Sawtail WormZ texas-rigged with a 4/0 Gamakatsu round bend hook and a ¼ ounce pegged bullet weight. Again they felt that the natural buoyancy of the Elaztech plastic gave them an edge, slowing the fall of the bait enough to tempt bites from bass suspended in the shady corners of the docks. Although they could have downsized their weight to achieve the same effect, they said the heavier weight allowed them to pitch further under the docks, and also helped take the bait straight down without drifting away from the shade.

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