Letter from BASS regarding MLF and elite anglers.

Dear B.A.S.S. Nation Members,
Many of you have reached out to us with questions and comments during the current shakeup in the bass fishing world. We thank everyone in the Nation for their support. The following is intended to answer some of the questions we’ve heard from leaders in the B.A.S.S. Nation:
As you know, a group of Elite Series anglers who also own part of the Major League Fishing television program recently began recruiting other anglers to join their organization and leave B.A.S.S. They presented plans to create a tournament trail similar to ours that will be broadcast on TV, like the current MLF program. Their scheduled dates overlap with the Elite Series dates, preventing any of the anglers from competing in our events.
Despite our best efforts to convince them to stay, almost 70 of our top Elite anglers left. Some thought they saw a new opportunity with the other trail, and when it appeared that many would go over, the rest of those invited did not want to be left out.
Fortunately, a good many Elite anglers decided to stay. Most of them are up-and-coming pros and all are skilled anglers. Not all are very well known, but we have demonstrated in the past that we can make stars in a short period of time.
In addition, we have received numerous inquiries from outstanding anglers who want to compete in the Elite Series. We will be filling our field of approximately 80 anglers in the coming few weeks. We are confident we will have an excellent group of anglers onboard very soon.
We are writing to assure you that B.A.S.S. is healthy, strong and resilient.
We went through a very similar challenge before, when another tour lured away more than half of our anglers, including most of our stars, with higher payouts and promises of stardom. B.A.S.S. regrouped after that and immediately began to regain its status as the premier tournament fishing organization in the world.
We will weather this challenge and we will be the stronger for it.
Everyone at B.A.S.S. is dedicated to taking the organization, including its premier tournament circuit and the Bassmaster Classic, to new heights in the coming years.
We appreciate the support we have received from our loyal anglers, sponsors, fans and members — especially the thousands of B.A.S.S. Nation members. From the very beginning 50 years ago, the foundation of our organization was built upon competition, youth and conservation, and that foundation will continue to be strengthened with the help of our members, fans and the B.A.S.S. Nation.
At this moment, while we are giving our all to positioning the Elite Series for the future, we will not neglect the “backbone” of B.A.S.S., the thousands of members of the B.A.S.S. Nation.
Bruce Akin Chase Anderson
CEO Director

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