Coats for Kids


Folks, at the last meeting on November 5th, we discussed and approved our club doing a collection effort to support KMBZ’s “Coats for Kids”. Have only had one member say anything about having some coats to share with those a bit less fortunate than most of us.

Basically, any coat in good repair, for men, women of kids can be donated. They do not have to be cleaned – there are dry cleaners that will do that for all the coats. As the Youth Coordinator, I’ve volunteered to put this together for all of us.  All you need to do is gather up serviceable coats and drop them by my  house, put them on the front porch if we’re not at home, or bring them to the December meeting and I’ll arrange to get them turned in. You can solicit your relatives, friends, and neighbors to see if they have (and you know they DO)  coats around the house that they don’t wear, are out of style, or whatever reason. You can also make a cash donation, or go by somewhere like Wal-Mart and buy inexpensive new coats if desired.

I’ll plan on taking whatever we have to the Platte City Price Shopper on Wed. Dec 5 and, as a secondary reason, hopefully get some good publicity for the club .

I think this is a very worthwhile effort to show support for the local community.  Here’s the web site if you need additional information.

If you have any questions, feel free to  contact me.

Bill Horvath


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