Banner Creek Conservation Project Mossback Habitat

A special thanks to all that came out and volunteered. Below are the Waypoints for the Mossback Fish habitat.
N39 27.113
W 095 46.355
N39 26.547
W095 46.648
N39 27.034
W95 46.448
N39 27.230
W95 46.448
N39 27.015
W95 46.440
N39 26.946
W95 47.041
N39 26.965
W95 47.140


  1. mike e jordan says

    Hi, my name is Mike Jordan from Beatrice bassmasters. I saw your map and gps coordinates for the mossback habitats you guys placed in Banner Creek by Holton Ks.I input the coordinates in my gps and very few matched up with the hand marked map you pictured on your website. can you help me on which is correct? i assume maybe some got placed somewhere other than planned and maybe some of the circled spots didnt get any. I will be there saturday and wanted to try out your habitats,if you could help me it might save me alot of idle and search time.Any help is appriciated Thanks,Mike Jordan

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